Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Moving and friends

Today I helped my friend move some things into her new apartment.  I t is a sad day for both of us. She does not want to move into town and I hate to see her move away from me. She is the only friend I have left that I see face to face. My best friend lives elsewhere so I do not get to see her very often.

I do not make friends easily. I have a hard time understanding what people say sometimes. Actually I have a hard time most of the time. I am hearing impaired and do not have hearing aids to help me hear what is being said to me. People that don't know me think I am ignoring them when they speak to me or snubbing them if they do know me. I have had people actually ask me if I was retarded. It is hard to explain to people that I did not hear them speak to me or have them repeat what they said to me because I only heard a word or two. I smile and nod a lot in social situations or look like I am totally absorbed in something so I won't get approached.  I read lips, I can hear as I am not totally deaf, but I miss a lot of what is being said and therefore I fill in the blanks and sometimes it is wrong. It has caused a lot of problems for me and so I stay out of situations where I will have to listen to a lot of different people. The internet has given me a chance to meet people that do not care if I can hear them or not. I can chat with someone and not have to say what did you say? I have met some wonderful people here and of course I have met some creeps too. I am thankful for all that I have met. You have helped me to find out things about myself that I probally never would have known.



  1. ladydriversammieJune 2, 2004 at 12:49 AM

    How awful that someone would actually ask you if you're retarded!  I am one of the people who gets very annoyed with repeating myself, but even I can have a bit of patience and say something again for someone that can't hear as well.  My aunt has terrible hearing probs that even her hearing aids can only help so much.  We just make sure we have her attention before we start to speak and it works out fine...even her daughter that is barely old enough to talk deals with this okay.  I don't know what's wrong with some people today.  They seem to have replaced their brains with mush and turned heartless I think.


  2. Aww....Celesete. E-mail me anytime you want to talk. IM me even.  I'm always up for a good conversation.  I was nearly blind as a child so I can relate,probley,to a lot of stuff. (Actully,I use to work with kids who were hearing impared and learned ASL to be able to communicate with them.)  Talk to you soon.  

  3. That's sad that you have to avoid group social situations because of hearing problems. I also find it sad that if you are open about your hearing issues, that people still lose patience or think you are ignoring them then snub you. But then things people do to other people to hurt them shouldn't surprise me. I've seen too many nasty people in my day. Totally off the topic...Your butterfly thankyou looks really familiar! LOL I used the same theme on a page I did for a friend's terminally ill daughter (http://www.fafamily.org/). I did that initial page and then Carrie's Adventure for them. Sad story. But the little girl loved butterflies.  -Becky

  4. wvcrochetcritterJune 3, 2004 at 6:29 PM

    Celeste.....You can chat at me and email me anytime you want.  I'm always glad to hear from you.  
    I cannot relate to the hearing problems and others being so nasty to you over it, but I too have a difficult time being in the social setting.  I have always had a weight problem and others, especially kids, can be so cruel.  I got to the point that I hated school and any other place where there were kids to pick on me.  Now that I'm grown up, it has changed some.  Most of the grown up people are nicer than the kids.  I've adapted to this, but still have very deep scars and hate to be in any type of social gathering because I feel like I stand out because of being heavy.  Even if there are other heavy people there, I feel like I'm the biggest ugliest person there.  Some things you just cannot get out of you when they have been ingrained by others.  I always laughed it off when others were poking fun, but as soon as I would get home....to my room I would run and cry.  
    I do have some good laughs when I run into some of those "Skinny" kids today and they are as fat as me, or even fatter....hahahahaha.  
    Those days just seem to make me feel so good all over that they got what was coming to them.  hahahahahaha.....
    We have to always remember.....What comes around ---- goes around.  


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