Friday, June 25, 2004


It is raining again. In the last 30 minutes the temperature has dropped 15 degrees and it has dumped a ton water. 


Out the front door

Out the window next to computer. The water is about 6 inches deep right now.



  1. Man here too. Soo hard we could not see on 64 to lexington Poor Rachael was driving and she only has her learners permit when it hit. Lori

  2. here in mississippi it has been raining soo much too. I am really tired of it. we need webs between our toes to get around. My tomatoes are suffering the ill effects of the rain. we had to move them out to the yard so we could put a kiddie pool on the deck under the roof, for Elle. I will be glad when it stops.

  3. Both the Ohio and the Licking River (the two rivers that border my town) are up very high...


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