Monday, January 30, 2006


Journal Hopping Tag

Need to find some new reads?  Or just want to make some new friends or need a fresh look on the world from other people's perspective?? Got some time on your hands?Then this game is for you!


Here are the rules for a great way to meet 15 folks. The object being to stray away from your journal as far as you can. (Maybe even meet new potential readers for your own journal.)

Start in your own journal . . .
In your "links to other journals" click on someone, I don't care who it is or how you picked them, close your eyes and point if you must. Read their latest entry, then leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal.

NOW . . . 
From the random journal you selected to be in, click on someone in their "links to other journals," and once again read their latest entry, leave them a comment, let them know they are involved in this little game and leave a link back to your journal. . .

THEN . . .
From that journal go to their "links to other journals," (try to pick someone you don't recognize . . . if they don't have links, go back a step and pick someon new . . . be smart. . . and blah blah blah blah . . . you get the point . . . do this 15 times . . . or how every many you have time for, and if you are an over achiever shoot for 20. :)

I was tagged by TheGirlNextDoor77

Off to do some tagging!


  1. COOL!  That's pretty much how I find new friends now, but I like the idea of letting folks know!  I wonder who came up with this idea?

  2. cool how that works. YOU Know I have done that before just out of couriousity. seeing who was who and who knew who

  3. Glad that you are playing what a good sport.  I had a blast.  Take care and still praying for your friend.  TerryAnn.

  4. What a great way to find new journals! I'm going to try it!

  5. I have been seeing this and I love the idea but, I just can't take on anymore journals, I have so many alerts, plus the Blogger journals! Calgon, take me away!

  6. Just popped in from Mortimer's journal.  I enjoyed reading your your cats...too cute.  Take care


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