Friday, January 6, 2006


Time for the Friday 5er. You can play along too. Copy and paste the questions and leave your link HERE




1.  When was the last time you had mashed potatoes?  Were they regular mashed potatoes or some kind of fancy version?

The last time was sometime before Thanksgiving. They were the regular kind with butter and milk. Of course I had gravy on them!


2.  Do you grow your own veggies? Have a garden? If so are potatoes one of the things you grow?

Yes I have a garden. I grew sweet potatoes one year.


3. French fried you like natural cut fries, with skin still on or the McDonald's kind? 

Fries are fries.


4.  How about potato salad?  Do you like it? Have a family recipe you have used for  years?

I like potato salad. I make the kind with mayonaise but now I use Miracle Whip, less fat and lower calories. I put just about anything in it. LOL one time I put a bit of an orange wine cooler in it because it was so bland and dry ( not enough mayo)

5.  Did you have a Mr. Potato head as a kid?  Ever purchased one for someone else's kid? 

Never had one never bought one.

Bonus question just cause I think potatoes are cool...did you ever put a potato in a glass jar with water and watch the roots grow in school. Like a science experiment?  And does anyone know what the purpose of that experiment is?

Yep, sure did. If I remember correctly it was to teach about things growing.


  1. I took a sweet potatoe that had sprouted and grew a vine just because it was pretty.

  2. wow thisis interetesing to read

  3. I love gravy on mine...I also love KFC's mashed tatos and gravy! Yum yum!

  4. I'm with Terri from Georgia. Sweet potato vines are the easiest and prettiest. I had forgotten all about them til I read her message. Will definitely get a sweet potato from the grocery store in the morning. Thanks for the reminder and memory!

  5. We're big on potatoes husband likes to have them for dinner every night so I try to be creative with far as french fries, McDonalds is my favorite for them...


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