Tuesday, January 3, 2006


I have been tagged! Not once, not twice, but three times by some good people with good journals, Welcome to My Life, Dusty Pages, and Aging Gracefully. If anyone else has tagged I am sorry I missed it. Still catching up on my reading.

So I have to name 5 weird or quirky things about myself. This should not be hard.       Now let me think, 5 things, only 5? Yea only 5 things.  By George I think I have them!  

Here is my list

1. I hitchhiked across the country twice.

2. My towels must be folded twice in half then a trifold.

3. I like hotdogs as long as there is NOT a hotdog on the bun!

4. I do not like chocolate ice cream unless itis vanilla ice cream that has POWDERED Quik mixed in it.

5. I hate sleeping in a made up bed.

There you go 5 things about me.

I am not tagging as just about everybody has already been tagged.


  1. Hmmm... I think I would have like the hitchiking across country...once, twice or more!  Must have been an interesting way to travel!

    I too fold my towels twice in half and then tri-fold. Neater that way!

  2. I had a friend (when I was divorded) that wanted me to go traveling that way with him.  All I could think about was, no bath and no deoderant! LOL So I didn't go.

    (Again same time frame) since I slept by myself, I never messed my bed up. All I had to do was tuck one corner back in and wala....the bed was made.  Hubby is like you, he wants the covers all untucked and loose.  So therefore, now making the bed is a BIG chore!

    Thanks for playing.  Sorry you were tagged so many times.  It pays sometimes to be new!!!  :)


  3. ICE cream has to have quick. Never heard of that before how interesting.

  4. I was going to tag you, too!  I had a hard time deciding which 5 of my hundreds of weird things I would confess to!  Good list!  And, yes, it is hard to find five people who have not been tagged...JAE

  5. AHHHHH! I do the same thing with my towels!!!! And I HATE having my legs trapped at night. The sheet and blanket HAVE to be pulled loose at the bottom. Makes it interesting sometimes. Matt HAS to have his tucked in. lol


  6. Why you free spirited little flower girl you!  Hitch hiked twice!!  Wow!  -  Barbara

  7. Not bad, not bad!  Love the graphics!

  8. lol.loved these...you have got to write a book about your life Celeste!
    love ya,

  9. lol! Think you really should write a book about your travels. Like hotdogs with mustard only. I like to stir chocolate ice cream until it is soft, then eat it. lol. Thanks for sharing these.     ~Deborah


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