Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Red Fire Dog.

Predictions for 2006: Year of the Fire Dog

Love, Labor, Lust and Loyalty Look for These in 2006!

Overview of the Red Fire Dog Year Ahead

Finally, a year to regroup! In 2006, wrongs will be righted, the underdog will become an "overdog" and the idle rich may just become the idle poor. Watch and see. From January 29, 2006 until February 17, 2007 the disquiet, just, fair, loyal, suspicious, critical and sometimes pessimistic RED FIRE DOG will reign supreme, creating an overall positive influence.

Fortunately, we need not BEWARE of this particular dog. Fire Dogs are generally benign, resilient, and compassionate characters--perhaps with a penchant for lust and fierce loyalty to kin and causes. They gripe often, growl when they're angry and whine when they're lonely or hungry. Bottom line? Fire Dogs are a cindery mix of moody combustion and passionate, benevolent concern for their fellow man.

This fiery watchdog will inspire us all in 2006. You'll feel compelled to emulate the playful, loyal aptitude of this great canine pal. Almost instinctually, you'll want to engender the flock's highest mission and work to save the world. You will be obliged to pitch in and give 110%. And you will be rewarded for your labors with a huge cosmic cuddle around hearth and home by the end of this fiery but positive year.


The money picture in 2006? Just okay. Don't expect to break the bank at your favorite casino, win the lottery or receive a surprise inheritance. This is not one of those windfall years. You see, a Dog is not the type to easily part with hard-earned cash. It's not that he's stingy. The Fire Dog is a cautious soul. He will definitely inspire you to think a dozen times before impulse-buying anything that you don't actually need.

On top of that, the Dog will beg us all to double our charitable contributions and jingle change into every open hand. Dogs are fervent believers in helping the unfortunate. With so many reasons to give-and there will be tons-try not to give in to too many handouts. You may end up donating all that money you saved.


This year, we will all fall in and out of impassioned love at least once... and many people-more than in a long time-will get married, settle down and make a normal life for themselves and their offspring. But beware, although dogs are oddly loyal in most areas of life, dogs are rarely faithful in the matters of sex, and this year may be proof positive. Dogs don't prevaricate often if they can help it. But where sex is concerned, they fib prolifically.


Dogs are notoriously faithful to causes, beliefs and institutions, and almost obsessively loyal to family and friends-in fact, they give a warning growl the way a real dog does. The loyalty level this fiery Dog year will reach heights of zeal.

In general, the Dog year 2006 will be a time of rebuilding, renaissance, safety and security. It will bring about massive restructuring of everything from bridges and dams to houses and causes. Closer attention will be paid to environmental issues, reducing global warming, quelling warlike behavior, and improving our planet's longevity. Passions will advance and then retreat. We will embrace new commitments and discover new routes to realize our dreams. It'll be up to each of us - the members of the Red Fire Dog's flock - to manifest our deepest desires for peace and prosperity.

Go here for your own Chinese Horoscope. Have fun with it.


  1. When did they start colourizing the animals on the Chinese calendar? Red? Fire? What's up with that?
    This depresses me, it reminds me when I lived in Philadelphia and would be in the Chinatown area. They would scare the piss out of me setting off the firecrackers. So much fun!

  2. Red Fire Dog....don't they come up with some lovely Names...Thanks for the Link Celeste.......Ally

  3. Interesting.  Not sure whether I believe in all of those any more than I believe the daily horoscopes in the papers.  After all the things they predict will all happen to one twelth of the entire population of the world, I think not lol.  Still we can all only hope for the best in 2006.

  4. Thannks for sharing.  Sound like you are gonna have quite the year.  I think I will go see how mine is gonna be. lol  take care, TerryAnn.

  5. Gotta find out how my "dog" is gonna treat me this year! Wooo! rich

  6. Intelesting....velly intelesting...LOL....hubby and I were in Kyoto, Japan one Chinese New Year.....didn't get a decent nights sleep....but the shopping was great.....folks fired off firecrackers all night....slept all day...we crazy Amelicans went shopping....folks tired...didn't take much to hassle the price down LOL...great ya....

  7. Ye sand Rachael wants a puppy so this is her exxcuse lol


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