Monday, January 23, 2006

this and that

Well this has been a hot and cold weekend. Pat's enthusiasm has cooled a bit but not totally. Real life slapped him in the face and said ok here is the test, deal with it. Need to get him worked up a bit again.

It is raining here AGAIN. Rain is painful for me as well as a few other people I know.  There is reality for me, so I deal with it. Most people around me and that includes Pat, do not realize how much I hurt or even when I hurt. I have decided I am not going to take pain meds because when the pain does become to where I can't tolerate it I want to be able to take something that will help. Right now I can tolerate the pain.

Ok moving on.

I got a couple of chickens yesterday. They are game hens. Not the little ones,these lay a decent size egg. I still have them in the carrier I got them  in. Want to give them a few days of looking at things before I turn them loose. This will be fun. I will have to follow them around and find out where they are laying their eggs. Game hens are notorious for NOT making a nest where you want them too. LOL of course I do not have a chicken coop yet either. I am thinking of going to TS Tractor Supply and getting a couple of Rhode Island Reds (nice big brown eggs) chicks come spring. Unless someone wants to give me a few pullets (young hens) before then, LOL.

Running short on hay. We only have 24 bales left. This will not us last until grass is growing. I am gonna have to buy another round bale. I am getting them cheap from a neighbor, only $15. The problem with round bales is that they cannot set out in the rain for horses to eat. We do not have a place in the dry to keep it. Hopefully it will quit raining soon.

They are talking about an early spring. I would not mind that if it quits raining. I would love to get my garden in early this year. Maybe I could miss some of the bugs that eat the whole crop!

Ok what else?

Oh yes. My daughter and her husband were planning on moving into the little house down the street on Feb 1st taking Brook with them. This has been tearing me up. I am not ready to let her go but I suppose it is time. Anyway, that move will not take place. The owner of the house is now undecided as to what she is going to do. She is thinking of moving back into it herself. That will be fun. Nothing like her back here to set the neighborhood on its ear again. No she is not a bad person, just that her and her ex will be at each other. Theirs is a volatile situation. Not looking forward to that.

So anyway it is time for me to get busy. See everyone later.


  1. WHEre did you ehar about an early spring I sure hope so??????????? Its been a lousy winter. we do keep haivng warm cold warm cold so manyeb. HOpe pat gets his groove back on . tell me abot this early spring I like in ky I Hope it so for us

  2. We'll have that kind of situation when Marvin gets rebuilt and moved back, too.  Gives us plenty to listen to sometimes.

  3. Let's hope your little chicks put the eggs where you can find them and get to them!  Good luck!  It will be very hard to let Brook go.  I feel for you...JAE

  4. I bet you have fun looking for the eggs the chickens will lay,  you could turn it into a game (Hunt the Eggs) we play that at Easter with chocolate eggs....But ordinary ones can be just as much fun....
    I hope it stops raining soon - so the bales of hay keep dry...what happens if they get wet ?...Shame about the little house down the road, perhaps the owner will change her mind and not move in after all......Ally

  5. I hope if your daughter and Brook move they will be near you
    If it doesnt get cold we will see a lot of bugs in the spring. We had to start feeding hay in Oct because of it being dry so I'd love to see early spring too.

  6. Chickens and hay bales, I love this stuff!

  7. My mom used to keep chickens.  We had Rhode Island Reds, Domineckers and Leghorns.  I can remember a few little banty hens with their tiny little eggs.


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