Thursday, January 5, 2006

Something that has been bothering me

Last month I received the diagnosis of type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes. This did not make me happy. As a matter of fact it down right depressed me. I did not want this. This disease is the reason I lost my Daddy when I was young. Of course there are better tools to keep it under control now then there was for him. I have a meter and I am to stick my finger everyday, twice a day. Not so bad. I know of some that have to do it 5 times a day. I also have a pill I have to take every morning. Actually I have 2 to take. 1 hour before breakfast I take my thyroid pill then I take my diabetic medicine with breakfast. No more skipping breakfast, or eating whole hog. I have 1800 calorie diet that I must follow. It is hard to do. I have to lose 40 pounds. This is even harder to do. I really do not want to lose weight. I am afraid of "dieting". In order to help me, I bought another tool, bathroom scales. I bought them Monday and I dared to step on them Tuesday morning. My weight? 186 pounds. Am I going to weigh myself everyday? Yes. I know that some say don't while others say do. I do know that there will some day's when I will gain( I am female LOL). What I hope for is that actually seeing my weight will help me not snack on the stupid stuff. I have to increase my water intake. I am not a big drinker. Diabetics have a tendency to have kidney trouble and I have a tendency to keep myself a bit dehydrated. That is not good for anybody. I have to stay motivated. I want to be alive to see great grandkids and great great grandkids. It is possible. Control my sugar, lose weight, exercise ( I hate this), lower my stress level, get serious with the whole thing. I have diabetes and can't get rid of it.

Snack time, I eat 5 times a day now in order to keep my levels even. Today it is a grapefruit half and a piece of toast. So if some days all you see is an entry that has food or numbers listed it may just be me recording my blood sugar levels, food intake and weight, exercise times, stuff like that. You can ignore it or not up to you.


  1. I enjoy seeing things like that.  And guess what?  You are two pounds lighter than I was when I began my diet!  Don't tell anybody.  LOL.

  2. You seem to be taking a very positive approach to this, and that is good. I think you need to do whatever works for you, and take other people's advice on a pick and choose basis, sometimes, in these situations, you know your body and how you respond to things so you know what works.

  3. I have a web site o the threehour diet and its working really well for her too. Its a great diet and she feels pretty good on it she says.

    I weigh my self daily I can gain five lbs in a day and I could not stay under 110 if I did not catch it fast. some have to

  4. whew I was worried you were going to tell us you had cancer...I'm acutally relived that is just diabetes.<not that it isnt bad>my nephew who is 20 pancreas stopped working at 16 so he has to wear a insulin pump forever...
    i'm sorry your having to deal with this...I know you will do great...Me brook will see to that lol
    donna In TEXAS

  5. Celeste, I am so sorry. The main thing is that this is manageable.  I know some of the changes won't be easy, and you're in my prayers.

  6. God bless you sweety
    It will be a hard road
    You will have days when you break diet
    dont get discorage every day is a clean page

  7. Yes, definitely increase the water!

  8. I think that your feelings on this are nothing but completely and utterly normal! I understand about being scared because of your father.......for instance I don't like to take take pills, especially alot of pills on a daily basis because I've seen my father get and stay addicted to presciption drugs, and I've grown up seeing what they did to him and don't want to become like him. ............On another note let me tell you a little known secret.......I had a diabetes scare when I was 16 (they told me that I am borderline diabetic and hypoglycemic). Also I don't have a clue what caused it, whether it was my thyroid or one of the above conditions, however eventhough throughout my pregnancy with Adam I was so sick I threw up nearly everything I ate I gained alot of weight. I had fought with my weight all my life.....was 198, worked hard and got down to 140....that's when I got pregnant with Adam, delivered him at 250! (Trust me I just about fainted everytime I saw the scale and it kept going up) I haven't gained nearly as much weight this time with Hailey, only about 25-30 lbs, and dr isn't bothered by the weight gain, says I'm at a normal pace. However, as soon as I deliver her I am going to start a diet and exercising more..........if you would like we can support eachother and give eachother our reports and give eachother that extra little push of umph to get things done! I know I'll need it! lol I hate exercising too, but for my health, for my happiness, for my children, and last but not least for my husband I have to lose weight. So Celeste, will you be my weight loss partner? I hope you say yes. All my love, thoughts, and encouragement go to you hun. Love You!~~~~~Faye

  9. As a "member" of the Type II club, I can only say, do what you gotta do. You'll learn how you react to different things, then you can adjust. It is NOT a death sentence. With the right amount of weight lose, proper diet, etc. you can actually get off the meds! You're not CURED, but you're in control!! rich

    ps. I'm still on my meds, unfortunately. All my health issues last year kinda messed up my PT program.

  10. Celeste,

    Sorry about the dx, and the bad memories it brought back. However, and I don't want to sound to 'PollyAnn ish', the diabetics who have really done all that stuff you talked about, are the healthiest and best-in-shape people I know. Stick with your program and the biggest problem you'll have eventually is ignoring the envy of others! Honest!

  11. Hi Celeste,

    Sorry to hear this...but it sound like you know what to do and are in control of the situation...Just don't go too far wiht the diet thing, ok???? Eat right and healthy.
    love ya,

  12. AS a diabetic, I can certainly empathize. I was a bas diabetic, and have problems now, even though I have been good for years. You will get used to this way of living-it will become second nature to you, but I am still sorry you have to deal with it al all. Margo


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