Tuesday, January 24, 2006

rains and pours

When it rains it pours. Poor Candy and her hubby are having bad luck heaped on top of bad luck.

First, Candy's car develops a bad power steering fluid leak and needs a pump replacement. This is going to run them around $250 to fix. Second,they lose the house they wanted to rent. This house was perfect. Right down my driveway. Brook would be riding the same bus to school. She would be coming here when she got out of school and go home with no problem. Third, which happened this afternoon, their other car broke a belt. Now that in itself is no biggie, BUT in the process the A/C compressor broke, the power steering pulley broke and a hole is in the radiator. Estimate is over $1000 to repair the car. Combined with the over $3000 still owed on the car it is not worth it. Blue book value is half that. Sigh............ where will it end?

Other than that I had a good day. Found my chickens but did not find any eggs. Gonna have to follow them around and hope to find if they are nesting anywhere. I did find where they are roosting.

Ok I will catch everyone later. Gonna read a bit and play some games.


  1. try a used power steering pump at a junk yard and also for the air conditioning parts. Hubby sometimes does that if they guarntee it works or will work. it can be so much cheaper and if you do it yourself. MAN I HOpE they get that house back torend some how dang that was so good too good to be true really

  2. Celeste
    So sorry Candy and her new husband are having this string of bad luck.  My prayers are with them.  The previous suggestion about junk yard parts was good, maybe they can try that.  From what I think I know about Pat, though, if that was an option, he would already have suggested that.  My heart is with your family, may they be well and prosper.

  3. Bummer all around...JAE

  4. Wow!  Poor Candy.  I will pray for her.  Poor thing.  Hope you are having a great week.  Thanks for stopping by my journal and leaving me comments it is good to have such caring friends.  Here is to hope you and your friend candy a better rest of the week.  Take care. TerryAnn.  

  5. Thats a lot to hit one couple all at one time. Hope they are able to figure a way. Paula

  6. Chickens!

    I love this stuff!

  7. Celeste what a catalogue of disasters to befall Candy and her hubby..I hope they find a way of getting things fixed....Hope you find those eggs .....Ally

  8. Celested so sorry to hear about your daughters car problems. Our daughter had her motor to go out in her car. We are helping her get it fixed. These cars are not worth the money put on them but to replace them with a new one would be more expensive so its catch 22. Praying for brighter days for your family. Life is tough sometimes.

  9. I hope things get better for her


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