Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Round Robin Challenage

Welcome! In case you just don't know, this is a Round Robin Challenage. What is Round Robin? Well Round Robin is a photo challenage that a group of us are doing. Each time is a different subject. For more information and a list of other journals participating GO HERE.

This time around I was the one that picked the subject. I picked Silly Animals. Why did I pick that particular subject? Well I have a lot of them! I have bucket carrying horses, fence jumping horses. I have a goat that likes to get on the roof. I have cats, boy do I have cats!. For this one I am using the cats.

This first photo is comman enough, cats on the bed. Darn them! I get out they get in.  From top is Buddy, then Blackie, last but not least is Sebastian.

This is Buddy on the couch. He really likes to hide in the cushions and sleep! You have to watch out or you will sit on him! Sometimes he is all the way behind them.


Buddy likes to sleep anywhere he can. I think his favorite place to sleep is with me or rather ON ME anytime day or night!

 I leaned forward and he took his chance! Hummmm wonder if I can finish my card game?  Maybe I can.  Ouch now stop that!   Ok that's it! Down now!

There you have it. I am not sure which one of us is the Silly Animal!


  1. I love this entry. that is so cute and I Love the way you did pics of that cat on your back. its not amonkey on your back its a cat lOL

  2. When a cat wants your attention or space...! Silly Kitty!

  3. i swear...animals love US being THEIR pets !!

  4. I love your cats.  They are sooo cute.  Give them all a hug and pet from me.  

  5. K, Buddy has the cuddle factor down pat!! What a little snuggle bug!

  6. OMG ... you stole my cat lol or they are brothers... look

    Does your cat like water too?? Mine if you let him will try and get in the bath or shower with you. lol

    Much Love,

  7. OMG! I laughed as I saw just how comfy your card game funny.
    Soft and cuddle Love is what I see..everywhere here.

  8. Ya both are!!!  JAE

  9. Too funny! One of my cats likes to climb into my chair and sleep in the small of my back too. He gets mad if I move so I have some war wounds. LOL

  10. I know all about "lap cats", but this is the first I've seen of a "back cat". Too funny. He picked his spot and he would not move! Nice cats.

  11. those are too cute Celete.


  12. LOL pet you just gotta love em.  hahahaha TerryAnn

  13. Buddy's gorgeous, and those pictures are hilarious!


  14. Great pictures! Too cute!

  15. You don't like cats at all do you? So cute! Paula

  16. Oh, he looks just like a Himalayan I used to have!  His name was Foxfire....


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