Wednesday, December 22, 2004


       I just wanted to say thank you for all your well wishes. My neck is doing much better now. That first day was a doozie! I made the mistake of taking my pain pills on an empty stomach and after a few hours I got sick! I did not make that mistake again! I do not normally take such strong meds but felt I needed to this time. 

 This has put me behind on all my stuff to do. So everyone that is getting a package from me will be late and now my cards may not make it to people before Christmas. I was so organized at the beginning of the season then the bottom fell out! O well it is SNAFU !

    Our dinner is going to be on Christmas Eve. I have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow. I will have help. Stevie wants me to teach him how I make things, like pie crust. This boy can cook and wants to know more. I will welcome the help. I will also welcome the chance to teach what my mama taught me and what I have learned elsewhere.

     It is storming here right now. We went from temperatures in the low teens (12 F) to 51 right now. It is raining with flooding, again... Christmas Day is supposed to have a high around 35F.

     The wrapping is done , Santa is ready. Food shopping only for me now. The turkey is thawing and the ham is waiting for the oven. Now back to the kitchen to clean some more so I can mess it up some more!!!



  1. I am sooooo glad your neck is better! Yep, Those pain pills will make u sick on an empty stomach!!! Don't you try to do too much now!

  2. You are welcome. Glad your neck is back. Isn't the English(American)language strange? Especially nice to know you will have "cooking" help. I try to avoid that, whenever possible GALB. Know things will be crazy, but you'll get er dun! Happ y Holidays, rich

  3. Glad your feeling better Celeste and HAppy holidays to you if I dont get a chance to tell ya that! Hope Santa is good to everyone!

  4. Glad to see you're back in the swing of things.  Take it easy, now--don't overdo!  We've got about a foot of snow coming here--Christmas day high of 5 degrees, a low of -10.  Oh my.  Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh good...glad to hear the neck is doing better! It really stinks not feeling well for a major holiday.


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