Sunday, December 5, 2004

Dear, deer

            Well. my dear did not get a deer. Oh well. I think he would have better luck sitting in our back field! He still has a few more weeks so he will get another chance. I know there are those that do not like what he is doing. He is not trophy hunting, he is meat hunting. The price of meat is getting outrageous! 

          Had to leave church after singing. Brook started coughing. We got home and I checked her peak flow, it was half what it should be. She is okay now. 2 puffs on her inhaler fixed her right up. I am afraid that it means she is coming down sick. I hope not.

        Went to Walmart and o boy did the dumb girl in layaway messed up. She voided my layaway!. I wanted to kill her. Supposedly itis all straightened out... We will see. I am seriously thiking of getting it out and making sure it is there!

    Well that is all for now. I am tired for no reason. I think I will go to bed now.


  1. Awe shucks, well better luck next time with the deer!

  2. Hope you got some rest. Those trips to Wal*Mart will wear you out. Paula

  3. Oh Deer, what can I say? He'll get one, wait and see. Just stopped by to catch up, hadn't been here for a while. So hard to keep up! You're doing good. rich

  4. Hey Celeste,  I hope Brook feels better soon!!!


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