Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Christmas memory


       I was looking at my tree and remembering past   Christmases. One in particular I remember because it was the   last year I actually believed in Santa Claus.

    The excitement was building all week. We put our tree up 1   week before Christmas when I was a child. I was 9 years old   and I was ready for Santa.  My niece and nephew lived with us   in those days. All weel long long there had been a flurry of activity. Whispers and mysterous gifts appearing under the tree.My sister came in from out of town and I think there was someone else there.

On Christmas Eve we hung our stockings up on the door and placed our list in it for Santa, all I asked for was a doll. Lisa and I went to bed in the den on the sofa bed. this was a real treat for us. (Looking back I cannot for the life of me figure out what was so fun about sleeping on that lumpy bed!) The den had a door that looked like a window. It was glass. It was covered by a gold colored lace sheer curtain. we settled down and fell asleep, which was hard to do seeing how Santa was coming that night. During the night I woke up for some reason and sat up in bed. I saw my daddy coming in the front door carrying a bicycle. Not just any bicycle but a GIRL's Stingray! I was thrilled! I knew it was for me. I stayed real quiet, not waking up Lisa ao letting my Daddy know I was seeing him. I realized at that time that something was wrong because Santa was supposed to be bringing the toys.. I knew that my Daddy was Santa... I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.
     A short time later I woke up again and all was quiet. I could see the sparkle of the tree in the livingroom. I got up and just looked at the tree with all the gifts under it( which there was more of then when I went to bed!) and of course, the toys from Santa Claus. I sat on the floor with my legs over the floor heater and just looked at it all. I waited until the others got up and we went and woke up Mama and Daddy.

   Inever did tell about seeing my Daddy enter the door. I did not want to spoil it for Lisa and Doug.


  1. You couldn't spoil it if you tried. Very cute story.Hard as I'm trying to 'bah humbug" this years season, you, and other J-Landers, are just forcing that
    seasonal" joy, into me. I love it. rich

  2. Well I knew you were sweet but I didn't know it went back to when you were nice that you didn't tell the others.  :)


  3. A bike!!!! wow!!! I can feel the joy you must have felt!!! And you didn't wake the others....and I know how much you must have wanted to go in there and sit on that bike!!!

  4. I kept the secret for my brother's benefit too...which is weird, because I really couldn't stand him when we were growing up. LOL

  5. maybe its my ADD however I couldnt read your entry because the background christmas trees make it really hard to read
    Sorry,,,,It s probably just me

    Donna In TEXAS

  6. I still can feel the magic if I turn off all the lights but the ones on the tree, and sit quietly, looking at all the prettily-wrapped stuff underneath.  :::sigh:::
    I love that quiet when everyone is sleeping and it's just you and the tree late at night.



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