Thursday, December 9, 2004



     Not a whole lot    going on here       today.
     Brook stayed home from school today.She      has been coughing her little head off. She is hoping to return to school tomorrow but I doubt it. Tomorrow is Christmas lunch and I was going to be there.

This was laundry day and it is taking forever.   We go thru a lot of  clothes when it is  muddy.Sooner or later I will be done.

I am just tired. Probally because of the rain. It has rained about 8 inches in the past couple days. And there has been almost no sun in a week.Ok I will be perky tomorrow even if I have to fake it. Until then have a good night.


  1. It's YOUR journal; you shouldn't have to fake it!

  2. I hope Brooke is feeling better soon.  

  3. Hope your little one feels better soon. Love you background.
    It has been raining here in Missouri for 2 days...I hate rain. Waiting for the sunshine to come out, but I don't think that will happen.


  4. I know you won't believe this, but I just figured out, yesterday, how to get notified each time you make an entry. I love this "instant" knowledge. Anyhow, hope you don't get flooded out. 8 inches!, that's a lot of rain. Your buddy, rich

  5. Hang in there.... you must be so tired of dreary. judi

  6. You:  A tub of hot water , apot of hot tea, a book and orange slice candy is a great way to relax.

    Me:  Ahhhhhh!  My kind of woman!  Thanx for understanding about the reading in the tub thing.  Sounds like you could enjoy a nice long bath yourself.  Don't forget the orange slices!

  7. Celeste, I like all of your entries, but especially the ones where you really get to the bottom of your feelings.  I read your entries to understand about life, not to be entertained, anyway.  I like the deep, heartfelt (even sad!) entries the best.

  8. laundry seems to creep up on alot of people...I hope you find time to relax and rejuvenate yourself...Have a peaceful sunday!!!

  9. Amazing how the absence of sunlight can affect ones mood. Bad enough the days are at their shortest but when the sun vanishes for extended periods of time and rain deluges the land it is very tough. We last felt the sun on our faces a week and a half ago. But it's snow we're contending with. At least it adds to the Holiday spirit and I love to play in it. Eight inches of rain is not fun in anyone's book.

    I put together a special journal entry as a gift to all my j-land neighbors, please come on over, bring the family, turn up the speakers and enjoy a tale and tradition.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  10. Feel better soon Brook!!! : ) Don't feel bad, I'm not feeling perky either.


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