Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More answers

This next group of questions come from Dannielle of EverybodyKnows

1. You just found $100 and can only spend it on something frivilous for yourself, what would it be?
A motel room with a hottub in room
2. Name the last thing you've done that you knew was wrong, but did it anyway...
It is a silly wrong... I left the gate open while putting Belle up. Paid for it. The other horses got out LOL
3. If you had to decorate your whole house, inside and out, in one color only, what color would it be?
If I had to do it all in one color I think I would do it is a very pale shade of this color.

That is all for now. Ask more if you wish.


  1. question
    how do you put in the person journal name and it turns blue like a link

    Donna In TEXAS

  2. I'M WITH U ON THE FIRST ONE.............LOL!!!!

  3. Oh yeah...I could go for your answer to #1 also. Even better, a Champagne Towers room at Ceasars Pocono Resorts.


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