Tuesday, December 28, 2004

it is over

Christmas has come and gone. Bits of paper and boxes are still showing up in the strangest places. I found wrapping paper behind the toliet! Pieces of syrofoam defy my effort to vacuum them up. I am gonna have to pick them up by hand! What happened to my suction power? HUM Maybe I need to change the bag..... I ate too much and plan on eating more. I like leftovers. I can heat them up in my new microwave, make coffee with my new coffeepot and and toast my bread in my new toaster! I feel like I have a new kitchen! Now if I could have only gotten maid service............

I got so many cards this year. I am not used to getting but maybe 4 cards and 2 of those are from companies! To all my friends I thank you both for the snail mail ones and the cyber ones.

The Hummers were a success with my two kids(Brook and her Papaw). There is one problem, they operate on the same frequency so I will need to find someone that knows how to teweek it. They have to be a long ways apart from each other or one control will operate both cars!!! Everybody was happy with what they got. No returns this year! It was truely a miracle year!

   Well it is time to countdown for the next holiday! New Year's Day! WOW It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end. I look forward to beginning a new year. Time for changes in my life. I am not sure what will be changed but I do know that changes will be made. I need to like myself more.

Well back to packing up the Christmas stuff. Everything but the tree.


  1. Isn't  it one of the strangest feelings in life? The day after, it's like, what happened? So anyhow, have fun bringing in the New Year, Happily. rich

  2. I am so glad it is over...Oh and thanks for the card..i got it yesterday...I didnt get my cards sent, found em in a stack of stuff to do...oh well ill save em for next year...so glad its over...Glad Brooke had a good xmas and glad your looking forward to the New year me too better I hope!

  3. Hope you'll write more about:  "I need to like myself more."  Ain't I just so nosey?

  4. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Happy Holidays!


  6. I know what you mean by "It's over" & all I can say is ...WHEW! I just wanted to thank you for my cards both email & snail mail. They made my day!!! Hugs to you , Celeste! ~Ann : P

  7. I agree about those left overs. I think I enjoy eating it more the second time then I did the first. Too tired on the first round. Hope your New Year will be everything you want it to be. Paula

  8. Last year I had everything packed away by New Years, but this year, I plan to wait and see how it brings in the New Year keeping it up.  I hate that Christmas is over.  I love the whole season.

    Have A Happy New Year!


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