Tuesday, December 7, 2004


I thought I would explain the animals. My mama used to collect a few odd stuffed toys every Christmas. ( tHat and ornaments). In the previous entry, the Santa and snowman in the tree belonged to her. The gingerbread boy Candi bought me yesterday. The big teddy was hers. Pat bought me the snowman, Santa, reindeer, and penquin last year. The little bear was a gift to Brook. The gingerbread snowman was a gift several years ago. There are several more toys that are not out yet.

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  1. Well, I cannot use that excuse. I have brought most of them myself.  I have about six given by others. I have various teddy bears, the zoo collection which you have probably seen on my journal, a singing Scotty puppy and around 400 Beanie Babies which I have to keep in a cupboard because I do not have the room to display them. Perhaps it is because I only had two soft toys as a child and always wanted lots.  Who knows, but Nathan is certainly going to have lots of fun playing with them, that is for sure. xxxx


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