Saturday, June 18, 2005


Have you ever seen a toe fight? I have now. Brook was laying on the couch watching TV and the next thing I know I am hearing grunting and kiaying. I look over at her just in time to hear TOE FIGHT! She had blown up a balloon and put it on her big toe and was hitting her toes on her other foot. Did not have time to grag camera, she saw me looking and snatched the balloon off. Kids. So silly!


  1. I love the mental picture of this. She sounds like an inventive kid. i hope she is feeling okay, used to her casts and all. Margo

  2. At leat shes keeping

  3. Ahhhhhhh...isn't love grand?  We had a great day here too.  My hubby played the Fathers Day card to the hilt!  Not usually in his character, so it was a source of mirth around here.  Glad you had a good one too.


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