Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another day

Today has been a do nothing day for me. I should be doing but I choosed not to. Just feeling lazy I guess. I did get out and weed in the small garden and tilled for about an hour in the big garden this morning. Cook pancakes for breakfast afterwards. Then played on POGO , read journals, shocked the pool, vacuumed some, did a load of laundry, cooked dinner with the squash I picked this morning. This evening I tilled some more in the garden. I till to help with weed control. When you have a garden my size it is impossoible to pull weeds.I would be doing it all day long! I do try to keep the weeds from choking the plants with the exception of the corn. So there are days when I get out there and sweat and break my back pulling them from under the plants. A real good time to do it is when I am mad about something or hurting.

Candiac got some good news today. She was hired by Ruby Tuesday. They will work around her school classes. Cracker Barrel has called and offered apologies. Big deal. I will not go there again.

Off to POGO again. BYE now.


  1. Your nothing sounds pretty bloody back breaking to me! LOL!
    Good, I am not a fan of the "Cracker Hate Barrel".

  2. sounds busy enough to  me, LOL Pogo is work , LMAO

  3. Lazy?  LOL  You call THAT lazy?   Come here girl...you need lessons!  LOL                                     C.

  4. You call that a doing nothing day?  I call it a marathon.  Hey, I play on Pogo everyday as well!!!!!

  5. Celeste
    Pogo is Paulette's favorite use of this computer.  If I am not online in the evenings it's only because she is playing games at Pogo.com.  Do you use a rototiller for the weeds in the big garden, or a tilling disk on the tractor?  The first time I ever tried a rototiller it nearly jerked my arms off, LOL!

  6. Do nothing day is sitting on the couch watching TV.
    Well congrats to Candiac on the jod maybe someday she will wait on me at Ruby Tuesday. Ive only been there once but the food was good.

  7. Wow...they actually APOLOGIZED...amazing!  JaE

  8. Hi Celeste!
    If this is your do-nothing day...well I would hate to see one that is a do-everything day! lol
    Take it easy and rest!

  9. Wow, your do-nothing days and mine are really different. I am so glad that Candiac got the job at Ruby Tuesdays. Cracker Barrel is off my list forever. Margo

  10. Wow... I don't think I work that hard on a do something day <LOL> As for Pogo.... all I can say is badges--Gotta Have Them ALL! ;)

  11. a do nothing day for me....I would hate to see when you do somwthing ...or  when you are on a tear...cmp

  12. Just knew your daughter would find something and glad she did. Hope she likes it there. My favorite pogo game is word whomp. They use to have one called Triviatron that I liked. wish they would bring it back. Paula


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