Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Day 1

I was not sure if I would be able to walk any today. It was raining when I got up. I did get to walk some though. It let up to a light mist and I walked down the driveway and back. I know. That is not much of a walk. It does measure 1/4 mile round trip. By the time I got back it was raining again. Off and on all day it has done that. Makes for aching back and joints. Oh well , I will live with it.

The dog did not show up last night. Thank goodness! If it is bothering me, it is bound to be bothering other people.

Been doing a bit of cleaning today. Cleaned the carpet right here in front of the computer. Boy was that water dirty! Did some laundry, washed dishes and vacuumed. I also cleaned the glass on the inside of my front door. Could not do the outside because of the rain. I have a box sitting in front of the birdcage that I need to take to Goodwill. Did a 27 fling today and gathered up a few (27)things to get rid of.

I keep piddling over to the fridge looking for something to eat. I am by myself nad hungry. I don't have any milk and it seems everything I want to make needs milk! I really do not want to get out in this weather just for milk! I will figure out something to eat. Lucky for me the sweets are not here!

Brook is spending the night with a friend. Friday and Saturday she will have one spend the night with her. I am not sure I am ready for this!!!

Well back to the laundry room and kitchen.....


  1. can't walk in the rain?????pish!!!!  LOL  but good for  you anyway!!!  30 more to go! ;-)
    ~ Julie~

  2. Misting rain here in the Carolina's.  Perfect day to clean things that don't normally get done weekly.  I do hope the dog continues to stay away and I hope you find that something you're looking for to eat. ;)

  3. Hey!  So glad your pooch didn't have a bad night again.  We have the demon cat from hell here that has attacked one of our cats twice...I understand.  Rain, rain, go away...LOL  I understand that too!     C.

  4. A walk is a walk!  You did great!  No "rules", remember?  Just walk!  Good job!  JAE

  5. Yep, it is raining here too.
    Glad the dog did not show up again, those pits can be dangerous when around strangers. We had two Pits once many,many years ago back in the 80's and they were the most loving dogs, we did not allow them to fight each other...only problem was; they were also very protective over us; their human family. We live in the city and we eventually had to give them away because they were so aggresive when it came to strangers coming in the yard.
    So please watch out for Brook and her little friends....the dog may just be hungry or scared but will attack if they feel threatened. I would turn the owners into the Humane Society.

  6. I am by myself nad hungry. I don't have any milk and it seems everything I want to make needs milk!

    LMAO, isn't that ironic?! I was just like that with no tomatoes in my fridge.. Everything I thought of making required tomato and there was no way around it..

    PS>I'm really hating this weather!!!!! yet, another excuse not to get out and work out..

  7. We had heavy rain forecast here all day but none came. The forecasters forget to tell the weather their predictions!  lol :-)

    Sandra xxx

  8. We only get a little rain in february and late October.  I miss the rain.  Good for you and the walking.  I need to walk more.  I will walk with you, okay, sort of, almost, maybe every other day, okay whenever. HAH!

  9. Just stopping by to say "Hi" and see what you are up to. Paula

  10. Bless you!  Would you come do my house now?  lol I hate when you want something to eat and one thing is missing.....seems you just can't settle on anything then.  And good for you about the bad bully dog!  Take care of you and yours.  -  Barbara


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