Monday, January 24, 2005

Today has been a warmer day, thank goodness. It is 48 degrees F right now after a low of 16 this morning.
Got up this morning and Brook was asleep on the couch. She has not done that in awhile. I think she got hot last night. She had on her flannel PJ's and they are pretty warm.
Made some bird bread today. It  smelled so good! Good enough to eat, so I did! Actually there was not anything in there that a person cannot eat. The birds did eat some of it. I have to keep giving them food to balance their diet out. If anybody wants the recipe I can give it to them. Here is the latest picture of them.  As you can see Pat has a napkin cleaning up poo off of Brook.
We had to do some fence repair today. The wind had blown down some fence and Belle could get out. Luckily she did not do so. I hate when we have to lock her up in the barn. She is miserable then and so are we.
Today is ho hum for now. Well gotta go time to get Brook started on her homework.

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  1. Beautiful birds!!!  Yes, I would like the recipe.  Your page looks so pretty (hugs) xxxxx

  2. Glad you and the birds enjoyed the bread.  Our's had Cheerios with green apples today.  Tonight they are having some Ramen noodles.  (I can't give them kale soup.) Anyway,Brook looks like an old bird handling pro woth them. Good for her.

  3. oh they are so pretty!!!! Brook is growing too, isn't she??? She has changed some! But Still Pretty As A Picture!
    ps.....It's cold here too.

  4. Beautiful Birds !


  5. Glad it's warming up there. We have actually been above freezing for a week now. Today the world is beginning to melt and thaw out a bit. People are breaking out the shorts and smiling more.

    What beautiful birds. Do you all let them fly around the house? We have some friends who share a home with an African Parrot (not sure of the actually breed). This bird is quite a character who gives commands to the dog, answers the phone,  and buzzes unsuspecting visitors. The friends and parrot have since moved to Southern France, oh to be a bird of paradise.

    Bird cake sounds tasty. We have a recipe book for cooking delicious, nutritional delicacies for our feline clan. amazing what we'll do for the lives that share our homes isn't it? Toodles.

  6. A little bird poo never hurt anybody.  P.S.  Lame Duck!  :-)

  7. WOW...your birds look like mind....or did I already tell you that....they are beautiful...we are the same way....we walk around with napkins and rags to clean up after the birds...but I love it when they are out of their cage...and so do they.

  8. Bird bread sounds interesting. I don't have any tame birds, but I feed the wild birds and enjoy it so much. Won't be long and it will be time for the hummingbirds to come back. Paula

  9. read my story here


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