Thursday, January 27, 2005

NOT for weak at heart


German soldiers of the Waffen-SS and the Reich Labor Service look on as a member of Einsatzgruppe D prepares to shoot a Ukrainian Jew kneeling on the edge of a mass grave filled with the bodies of previous victims.
Photo credit: Library of Congress, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives

The Holocaust was a vicious campaign against the Jews and others by the Nazis. This picture shows piles of bodies at the Dachau concentration camp after it was liberated in 1945.

AP/Wide World

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. 60 years ago this month Auschwitz was liberated.

People want to forget or even deny that anything that horrible could have ever happened. It did. My father and my uncle fought in WWII. My father was in the Pacific. My uncle was in Europe. He was in a German POW camp. He knew first hand the way the Nazis treated people. I overheard him talking to my father one day about some of the things he saw there and smelled. He was crying.

Jeannette of Jeanette's Jottings has a wonderful entry about someone who suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

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  1. Wonderful entry Celeste. At this very moment I am watching the service on satellite television direct from Auchswitz.  So many in atrocious weather gathered together to remember. The world must NEVER forget the biggest organised mass murder the world has ever seen.

  2. What a difference a day makes, huh? Yesterdays entry was the epitome of how and why anyone can get along with anyone, and today you cover the epitome of man's evil to man. Sad times. May they never happen again, in ant way shape or form. rich

  3. Thanks for reminding us. How we tend to forget. Paula

  4. powerful entry...I saw Jeannette's too....we must never forget...


  5. How horrible.. you wonder what the man looking at the camera kneeling there was thinking.. what a horrible horrible words can not describe the cruelty and inhumane people who did that..
    the devils minions for sure.. and his arithmetic.. you add them up and take some away until you have none.. So very sad...

  6. Thanks for the reminder!
      *** Coy ***


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