Thursday, January 13, 2005

They tell me our weather is going to get cold again. I believe them. I have been having a hard time believing it is January. We have had maybe one week of winter like weather and that was at Christmas. It was in the 60's this morning and it started raining and has not quit. It is now 55. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 40's. I wonder if it will be.

Remembering strange weather takes me back a few years to March of 1993. We had had a good winter, not to much of anything. Spring was here. The trees were blooming and so were the daffidols. I was working second shift(12 hour shifts) in a small hospital about an hour's drive away from my house. That morning as I was driving home from work I remember hearing that we would have snow flurries that day. I did not think anything of it. Come on now , it was March and in the South! I woke up about 2 and saw that it was snowing. It did not appear to be sticking so I decided I would head on in to work a little early. So I left about 3. Now mind you it took me an hour to get to work by freeway. The hospital was also north of where I lived. Well I made it to work and boy was there a happy person to see me!. She left and went home early. By nightfall, you could not see anything when you looked outside. The snow was blowing sideways, drifts were piling up against the doors. It did not do any good to look out, you could not see. I had lived in Colorado and had never seen a blizzard. yes , that's right a blizzard! The south was getting a blizzard in the Spring! I do not know how many inches of snow there was. We were paralized! No snow plows or anything like that. We get snow once or twice a decade and it melts by next day!

Well anyway, guess who got overtime in that week? Me . Yep. I was at work for 6 days on the clock. I had 156 hours on my paycheck. Want to know the really really bad thing? My takehome check was the same if I had only 84 hours! I cried when I saw that! To this day I believe that they should have given me 2 checks so that taxes would not have eatten up my overtime!

I just had to remind myself that I have taxes to do. Funny how one thing leads to another..........


  1. You had a the spring? Too freaky!  The weather here has been incredible. I hope all is well with you & yours, Celeste! Sending big hugs your way!!! ~Ann : )

  2. I'm from the south, and I remember how magical it was when it snowed.  It was rare and so beautiful.  That is just so WRONG about your check.  Working all of those hours just for Uncle Sam to take it away from you.  How absurd!

  3. You should have been here in Colorado for the St Patrick's Day "Blizzard" of 2003. What a mess. 2 to 3 feet of snow, in less than 24 hours. Thank God, I was home and had nowhere to go. Linda had worked that day, she got home, but got stuck in our parking lot. Of course, the Sun was out the next day, and everyone went out and started shoveling and helping others. It was great. rich


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