Friday, January 7, 2005

MRI and Im mad

I went this morning and had the MRI done. I felt like a fraud. My neck is feeling better.I have much freer movement of my head and arms. There is still some pain but nothing I cannot deal with. It feels almost like muscle soreness now. No doubt that a quick movement would probally bring it all back. They said that my doctor would have the results possibly by Monday. So. until then.

Pat's baby sister had a heart attack this week. She is 42. There has been a few problems with swelling and fever so they have been unable to place the stint in her heart. Supposedly they will do it tonight. I hope she does well for the sake of the 2 kids that depend on her. Maybe she will see the error of her life and take the steps to change it. no this is not the drug addict sister. But she is just as bad. She is an entry all of her own. I will not be going to see her. Have no reason to go see someone that does not like me. I have enough going on in my own life.

Brook has TaeKwonDo today. I will be taking her there tonight. I will also be taking my daughter to see one of her probation officer's today. I think we will eat out or something. It will be 8 oclock before we get home.

I am so mad. Brook has missed 7 days of school this year. I do not keep her from school for no reason. She missed all 7 of those days due to a fever above 102! Why am I mad? Well I recieved a letter today telling me that she has missed 7 days, like I don't know that. In that letter I was told that if she continues to miss school that I would be turned over to the social worker and turned into the Trunacy Treatment Team and that I faced up to 30 days in jail in that happens! Also if she misses 3 more days she will not pass first grade?!!! She is on the star roll. She has straight A's. She is in the advanced reading group. She is in 100 point club for reading . I am a responsible parent. Their guidelines say keep home if fever is over 100. Her's was over 102 and I took her to doctor.  I even took her to the hospital when it hit 105! I sent in a note from the doctor and the hospital. I am mad. Ok I will play their way. She goes to school sick. She stays until she cannot be counted absent. I am mad. Threaten to put me in jail? Keep her from second grade? She is on star roll? Yet they will pass someone that is there everyday and fails classes? Im mad.


  1. Feel better... you need to talk to guidance or your principal and straighten this foolishness out. Of course they are trying to watch out for the kids, but you are a good mom and your daughter is doing well in school...... I am so sorry they are behaving this way. When I was a kid I was sick all the time and missed a lot more than 7 days a year. I hope that you can adjust their attitudes. judi

  2. I do not find u a fraud yes u had pain and two u dealt with it as soon as u could. If the soreness eased then  it wasnt u it was the testing took to long to be schedualed.
    The School needs to wake up  I know many families who have kids who stay out alot more than a mere 7 days. Ask them since u have proof the child was ill.
    If they would like a harrassment lawsuit and A deframation of character suit.
    Then informe them that to call a sw (social worker) for the aligation of a criminal act when no  bruises complaint or even  reasonable suspiciation exists is  to  commit a crime. u can not use a state run agency for ur own fun  or revenge to do so is to falsely report a crime.
    then on top of that u can sue them for emotional duress even if they only threaten  a simple visit to a councilor with this as a note suffices in most states as proof.
    I suggest u calmly first pray then  If need be complain make sure the meeting includes  a principal a superintendent of schools a lawyer (urs) and of course any other party that has so been threatened.
     And all copies of documents as to ur childs illness.
    I live in ny and one of my children a teen has missed 22 days of which i am not informed till now  and that call was made to him not me on a cell phone i answered.
    that is my suggestion i will hold u in my prayers.

  3. A lady I work with has the same situation with her little boy, and she's hopping mad too.

  4. Do not feel alone about your daughter and the absences...I just went through that with my daughter and her school.....My daughter is in 9th grade...for two weeks she was throwing up on and I kept her home when she had a fever...well come to find out that she has been referred to the social worker and of course they blame home and told her that they will be watching her and she is not allowed to miss another day for the rest of the year or I go to jail.... I am right with ya....Let me know how yours works out.

  5. I can't think of two more frustrating things to deal with than medical issues and public schools!  Hope both situations smooth out, and hope little sis gets better.  

  6. I had a muscle problem in my back; I think I pulled it, back in 1990.  My God, it was so painful, I felt like I was dying, it would nag and nag and nag for three months straight.  I pleaded with doctors, I took medicine, I thought I needed surgery, then one day it just stopped.  Or at least I finally realized it stopped.  Apparently a sprain muscle can take a while to heal and feel like it is a worst injury than it actually is, so do not worry about being a fraud, you felt pain, you felt pain.

    I received one of those letters way back in the 90’s for my oldest daughter.  I think the school maximum was 12 days a year.  However, nothing can be done to you if notes were sent in, and the absents were excused.  It is simply a standard bullying technique they used to get compliance.  The school is paid for attendance.  Each student is worth so much a day, and if the student is out, the school is not paid.  They probably budget the students to only miss let’s say five days a piece on average and the majority is missing more now and the school is suffering, so they are getting panicky.  I would not worry about it.  If you sent in notes each time, you have nothing to worry about.  Just keep a copy and that is that.   I think you would have a chance to appeal with the school board before it gets to social worker level.  Assholes.

  7. To say the school systems are a little "FUBAR", is just scratching the surface. Though we have no kids, I work with a gal that has 2 girls in high school, and the horror stories she tells me, makes yours, make "sense". Glad I have nothing to do with any of it. Other than that, get mad, it is deserved, but still be the great gal that you usually are! rich

  8. I hope your MRI turns out ok and that your neck continues to get better.
    The school probably sent that letter to every kid that has been out x number of days, but Brook should not have been included. What with her grades and the fact that she had been to a doctor and hospital, the school would be very foolish to try anything. If they do, you should go down there and jack them up a notch or two!

  9. Sometime the school system doesn't make sense. My daughter almost got rooked out of being in The National Honor Society because  one teacher didn't like it she was working half day. She only needed half days to graduate. I am so glad to hear your neck is feeling better and pray the MRI will come out okay. Paula

  10. I can't believe that letter they sent you! OMG I would be SO pissed off. I hope there is something you can do to fight it.

  11. How ridiculous about the absenses.  You should get a note from your doctor telling the to back the heck off.  They are either complaining that you're missing too much school or they're complaining you're sending your kid to school when you shouldn't.  

  12. Well that's just nuts.  It doesn't make any sense to hold back a child with good grades, no matter how many days they've missed, especially when she was that sick.  They should be glad she wasn't at school passing it on to other kids.


  13. {{{Celeste}}} The public school system in Florida sucks, too. If I were you, I would go up to the school & have a talk with the administration office. It might just be a mandatory note that they have to send out when a child has missed a certain number of days. I'm sure with notes and what not that things will be fine.
    I'm happy to hear you're feeling better!!! Hang in there, sweets! Hugs to you! ~Ann : )


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