Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frustrating, satisfying day


Today has been one of those days. First thing I had to do was to take back a gift that I had bought Pat. He saw it in the store and called it stupid so I knew I needed to return it before he opened it on Christmas. Oh well. I have already got him something to replace it. And of course I have the secret gift the pool table). After I got home every thing was going smoothly. I was getting my kitchen cleaned up when I received a phone call. It was a neighbor telling me that my horse was out and near the road. Great! Just what I needed. I go outside to get her halter and lead rope from the barn and I spot 3 large dogs in the field. Bingo. I knew exactly why my horse was out. Unfortunately I had to catch a horse before I could do anything about the dogs. Pat had his gun but could not shoot because the dogs started running towards Crystal and Patches(my goat). They dove into the creek and I herded Precious up towards Pat. He had a feed bucket handy and she will not turn down food for any reason! She was all sweaty and so was Crystal. NOw top thing on my list was checking her over for cuts and/or bites. Luckily she only had a small cut on her chest. I grab my fence materials and head out to see where she went thru at. I knew she went thru the fence, she is to fat to jump! I found the downed fence. It had broken wire and boards and a broken post. Right next to that spot is a patch of bamboo. It was flat where she fell thru the fence. Precious is herd mare. She will fight and lead danger away from the herd. I was hoping to see one of the dogs while I was fixing the fence. I had my Colt 357 magnum strapped to my hip waiting for a chance.

Back to the house again. I get started on the living room now. Did some serious vacuuming, carpet shampooing  and moving things around. I moved the birds over here by the computer desk and then cleaned the area where they were at real good. I washed the curtains and hung them back, washed the windows and then placed a candle light in the window. I washed out Scampi's kennel and dried it outside. I arranged my plants (which will probably get moved). I combed out Brook's hair and my daughter's hair with a Robi Comb. Trying to stay ahead of that lice crap again. I don't know if it kills lice or not but I rested it on an ant and it killed it! Next I made some turkey and dumplings. I was going to eat it here with the kids but then I remembered that they had to be home by 7 because they are getting a delivery around that time of their new dryer that I bought them. They are paying me back. I put it on a card and they will be paying that. I know they will because they have done it before. My daughter is real good about paying her debts. I did raise her right in that area. So now here I am all alone talking to yall and eating my dumplings ( I sent the pot home with them to eat). I am going to read a few journals and then play some POGO.


  1. I'm so glad your horse is ok. had a busy day!!  Enjoy those dumplings (that sounds SOOOO good!!) and have a good nights rest!

  2. Gee, I wish I had half your energy/stamina! Sounds like a busy day, but  you certainly got a lot done. I am so glad Precious is okay. Margo

  3. nothing I could say would make it all better...but you sure wore me out...and like you if I had seen those dogs...well if we ever see them again...they are they a can LOL...hope Precious is ok....and no ill effects from it all....and wow...those turkey and dumplings sound so good LOLOL....hugs from ky....Ora

  4. Dang Celeste, you sound like me..with my 38!!! lol I don't blame you for being mad, your horse or your goat could have been injured or killed.....I am having trouble with stray dogs around my house here in town ...what makes me mad enough to spit is the people that let them roam around free when there is a leash law here....but the dogs are the ones that pay the price for their idiot masters.
    What is a Robi comb? How does it kill lice?
    love ya,

  5. Just reading about your day makes me tired...I wish I had a tenth of your energy....I hope you get those dogs eventually....
    Take Care

  6. John has that problem of stray dogs too. Lucky for them he usually has forgotten his gun. We have to head out later today to put out hay before it gets so cold. Paula

  7. I feel exhausted after reading all that activity.  -  Barbara

  8. that is horrible about those dogs chasing your horses, too bad you did not get the opportunity to off them!

    I LOVE pogo, especially showbiz slots

  9. You do wear me out! How can you do so much in one day?


  10. When you are finished, dahling, I still have a few things that need attending to from the Alternative Thanksgiving party!


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