Monday, November 13, 2006

This and that and measuring things

So I believe I am due to do some catching up here.

Pat's aunt died last week. She was the hateful one that lived next door. I did not care for her but hated the way she had to live the last few years of her life. She had Alzheimer’s Disease. Her sons had nothing to do with her. One lived in FL and never came to visit even when she broke her hip. (I feel he is the reason that caused her to advance faster. She was doing fairly well until one Thanksgiving when he came up to visit he knocked on door and she did not answer -it was dark-. So he went back home and never came again to see her. She never believed that Thanksgiving had come after that because he always came on Thanksgiving.) The other son starved her so bad that she was stolen away from her house and taken to hospital where she was admitted for severe malnutrition then sent into a nursing home. We did not go to the funeral. They changed the date of it 3 times.

In other, happier news... Brook and her "squad" made the cut for the talent show. They will be preforming in January. You can be assured of plenty of pictures!

Master Lee will be back this week. He went to Korea to see his wife and to take a few black belts for some studying under a grand master. She has been there since summer to complete her masters degree. She will be gone for 3 more years! She will be coming home for Christmas break and staying a few months.

I am tired. Pat and I went to Nicholson Ga to measure Christmas trees. This is a long and tiresome job! All the trees have to be counted, measured and priced before Thanksgiving when the sales start. Pat and I will be going back to help with the sales too.

Well they kept the pressure on where he was working at. Offered him first shift and a 50 cent raise! What an insult! He turned them down and today he starts his new job.

We have some trees to plant and a few holly bushes too.

Well that is all for now. Got to get my baby ready to go to his new job.



  1. Sorry to hear about the aunt....and well with her "legacy"...she is better off now....right???  anyway...seems you have things under control....and are right happy these days....glad your old cold or whatever is gone....and I have never been involved with selling christmas trees....didn't realize what went into it all....LOL...happy day...and hugs from KY....Ora

  2. Sad story about his aunt.  Hope he likes his new job!  Jae

  3. Sorry about the aunt. I look forward to the pictures of Brook :). Good going for Pat - I hope he loves the new job!


  4. What a shame for that poor woman!  But, maybe she reaped what she sowed?  Go Brooke!!!  And proud of Pat for sticking to his guns.  Hope we were all right about it.  LOL  -  Barbara

  5. thank you for catching us up. i am sorry about the aunts whole situation. i'm glad for brook. good for pat! i hope the tree sales go well, too. margo

  6. Thats sooo sad about the aunt.

  7. Why do you do trees? Do you get paid or are you helping a friend? Congrats to Pat on the new job. I hope he is still liking it.

  8. Trees.  Trees you say.  Really.  Trees.  


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