Friday, November 17, 2006

chit chat

So let's see, what is going on. A whole lot of little things.

Be staying in town this weekend. My niece got all the trees tagged, measured, counted and priced. They are ready for the sales to start next Friday.

I would like to go riding this weekend, horse, bike I don't care!

Brook has qualified for taking her red belt test on December 12th. This will be a hard one! No one else is testing except for some of the lower belts. One more after that and she tests for her blackbelt. I believe I will need to get her a sword or a bo staff or maybe both in the next couple months. She will have intense weapons training in the next 6 months to a year.  Not sure which she will focus on, probably the sword. Her favorite weapons are knives and stars.

Me? I am working on Thanksgiving dinner. Cooked my cornbread today for the dressing. Got my shopping done(I hope). The turkey is in the little fridge thawing. Got a 20 pounder so it will take a bit of time! Next week will be the biggie! Brook will be here because they are out all week from school so she can help me!

Did I tell you my chicken pen collasped? The chickens are okay. The roof caved in on the pen because of the 3 inches of rain we got in less than 12 hours. The power went out the other night. The storm was long past when it went out. It was out for 12 hours! Let me tell you something. If you have ever been in a power outage in the country at night then you know just how dark it can get! It was so dark that my cat Buddy ran into the computer desk after I blew the candles out! I could not see my hand in front of my face. Total and absolute darkness. Scary!

Well that is all for now.



  1. Good for Brooke! Our power was out 10 days once after a hurricane, and not once did i get the candles and matches together before pitch dark. and i used to yhink i was smart! hope you get your ride this weekened. margo

  2. That's one of the nice things about working for a larger operation and living on property... generator! And, it's one of those automatic ones that just kicks on if the power goes out. It's a necessity since we have all the animals and our well is run with an electric pump. We always turn off everything but the essentials... still, it's nice to have lights!

  3. Thanksgiving....I guess it IS time to start thinking about that.

    I hope you get a chance to get out this weekend.

  4. Now that Brook sounds like a girl with a mission....good luck on her trials....but I know she will do well and pass....just by her determination....hugs from KY....Ora      PS....would you want to pass on your "cornbread dressing recipe"....I have never made that type of dressing....and hubby says it is his after marriage of 40 plus years...guess I will try it LOLOL....never to late to teach an "old dog" a new trick or two.....

  5. Glad you and the cat survived the storm.  Best of everything to Brook at her test!  -  Barbara

  6. Hope you get the chance to go riding this weekend ~ Wish Brook good luck on taking her red belt test  ~ she will certainly be able to take care of herself in future ~ I know what you mean about total and absolute darkness when we have power failure at night it is the same here ~ dos'n't happen often ~ and yes it is scary ~ Ally

  7. yikes those poor chickens, must have scared the eggs out of
    I know Im no

  8. Scary that it got that dark there.  Glad the chickens are ok.  Wow that's a lot of rain!!
    Good luck to Brook on the blackbelt. My son took 3 yrs of Karate. He loved it. Never made it that far but he did well and had a good time!
    Hope you went riding this weekend.

  9. Yea Brook! Weapons in tae kwon do, or does this dojo teach a few different disciplines? I used to like the weapons training too :)


  10. Yep it is dark in the country with the lights off. lol Paula

  11. Reading the last few entries have made me hungry LOL I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with all your family.

  12. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


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