Tuesday, November 14, 2006

just things

Pat started work at his new job. He seems to be okay with it while I talked with him on the phone. I will find out more today after he gets up.

 Brook had Tae Kwon Do last night. She is doing so well now. She wants new numshuks now. She has foam covered ones right now. She want some wooden ones now. I think that just might make a good Christmas gift! Her kicking has come a long way. She is no longer afraid to get both feet off the floor now! LOL

I got my new blood testing meter yesterday by Fed Ex. Turns out my insurance does not cover the strips for my old one anymore so they sent me a new one. I like it a lot better. It is the One Touch Ultra 2.

I have 3 new hens to replace the ones I lost. I have them in the dog pen with a tarp over it to keep them in. LOL Maybe I won't lose them to dogs and maybe I will get some eggs! Nothing like good farm fresh eggs! They are so rich in flavor!

Well that is it for now. LOL Only 9am so nothing has happened yet.


  1. lol.  tae kwon do is alot of fun.  i used to love it.  i think wood numshucks will break alot of lamps in the house..lol i remember when i started to practice with a weapon!  my mom never yelled at me more..lol
    have a great day

  2. I love fresh eggs!  Hope all goes well with Pat and the new job!  Will be praying for you all!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  3. Fresh eggs...how nice will that be!  Brook soundslike she is doing so well!  I hope you surprise her with the new numchuks for Christmas...she will be thrilled!  Good luck with the hens...  Jae

  4. I hope Pat likes his new job!

    numshuks, Brook is a chica no one will messs with :)

    are you diabetic? I did not know.....

    Have a great Tuesday

  5. Celeste hope Pat's new job works out well for him ~ look forward to hearing more about it ~ glad you have 3 new hen's and hope they lay lots of eggs for you ~ hope you don't lose them to dogs ~ that would be awful ~ hope your week is going well ~ Ally

  6. My sister just got rid of all her chickens...:(
    I loves the fresh eggs...even if i had to clean the shit off them...lol

  7. i'll be interested in hearing more about pat's new job, and think brooks interest on tae kwon do is wonderful. hope the rest of your day went well. margo

  8. Nunchuka take a lot of practice - she must be proud to be ready for wood ones! Be prepared for lots of bruises, lol!

    Glad Pat's day went well :)


  9. WOWOWOWOW...I had so much news to catch up on with you and yours....but first I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...for leaving such encouraging words for me...I so appreciate it, you have no idea how much it meant.
    I am scared for some reason of everything and it helps to know that there are people out there that care.
    NOW---CONGRATS to Brook...I so wish her the best....and of course there has to be tons of pics.....
    and CONGRATS to your hunnie...I wish him the very best at his new job....his old job can go suck an egg..(trying to keep it clean here)
    I hope you get to feeling better soon....I have the flu and cannot stand not being able to taste anything or breath and coughing my head off is not appealing...
    Take Care of you...

  10. Hi Celeste,  I really hope Pat`s new job went well for him.

    Sandra xxxx

  11. From a new job, buying weapons for Brook, diabetes testing and then chickens.  You have an interesting life, for sure!


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