Wednesday, November 29, 2006

woof woof

What Breed of Dog Are You? Celeste, you're a St. Bernard!

No bones about it, you're a dedicated, trustworthy St. Bernard. Loyal and good-hearted, you're as reliable as they come. Your naturally protective personality is reflected in the way you treat people close to you. Sheltering your nearest and dearest from harm (or bad news, for that matter) is high on your priority list. That attitude earns you lots of gold stars, not to mention respect. People admire your strong morals — and how well you stick to them! Focused, steadfast, and determined, you always aim to please. It's a breed like yours that makes the world a better place — woof!


  1. Woof! Can I hav a drink?


  2. Ha Ha!!  I kept hacking away and finally got in!!  I took this test and posted my results in Caneyhead with a link back to you.  ;o)  - Barbara

  3. im a Scottish Terrier!

  4. I was a pug.  Go figure!


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