Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I am getting better, I think.

Saturday we went for another ride in the park and I was so tired when we got home. I laid down on the couchto watch tv and went right to sleep. Pat woke me up around 7 to let me know he was going to go shot some pool with a friend. I said ok and went right back out. All I know after that is getting up in the morning! Somehow I went to bed and even sent a text! No memory of any of that! Sunday I woke up feeling better but weak. Monday was more of the same. Not really feeling like doing a darn thing! I will probably gain 10 pounds. I can't taste anything yet and keep trying to find something I can taste! I really need to give up on that quest.

Today I am still so congested. Still can't smell or taste anything. Guess it is a good thing I can't smell. Brook said there was a skunk outside this morning. Today will be busy. I have to go to the store and shop. I also have an Author's Tea to go to at 10 am. The author I will be hearing? Why Brook of course! LOL  It will be at her school. Then at 3pm I have to be back at the school for talent show tryouts. Yep, Brook is going to tryout along with several other students. SHe and 3 other Tae Kwon Do students are going to be preforming some routines. PLease nobody say "break a leg". She will be the one to actually do it!

Okay. Time for me to get busy with something, like I think the first thing I will do is fix the door. Brook let go of it and the wind caught it, bent the dodad on the bottom that makes the door swing shut. Not hard to fix, a hammer, screwdriver and a vise to hold it. BBL. Have a good day.



  1. I pray that you can feel well enough to get through all you have to do and all your heart desires to do and that you will be well soon!  -  Barbara

  2. Celeste I hope you will be feeling better soon ~ Ally

  3. Feel better!  Jae

  4. I hope you get to feeling better! at least you didn't smell the skunk! 'love ya,

  5. Don't wear yourself out while you are still not up to par.  The chores will be there.

  6. I hope you shake that nasty cold soon!

    geesh, you musta needed some sleep :)

  7. You gave me your cold, meanie!


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