Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Pat was so upset yesterday and all night long he tossed and turned. After he gave his notice they came on strong with him. Telling him that he does not want to leave, it would be a mistake.  They talked about how he has been there for 14 years(he has been there 20 years) and how he is so valuable to the company( they give another worker the prefered shift that has been there less than half the time he has). They said they have great plans for him(after telling him that they plan on making 2 of the young guys the top dogs). Not once did they mention a pay increase. They are scared because they KNOW that when he leaves they lose their workhorse. He said when I tell them I am leaving all of a sudden I am their golden boy but just the day before I was their whipping oy. Now which is it? Truth of the matter is, Pat is a very hard worker. He goes on and on just like the Energizer rabbit. If they asked him to do something he did it no matter what. Stay late? Yep he did. Go out in a monsoon to work on a truck on side of road? Yep he did it. Stay up all night driving around in zero degree weather starting trucks after working a 10 hour shift? Yep, done that. Drive 2 hours work 16 hours then drive back 3 hours AFTER working an 8-10 hour shift? Yep many a time. If they offer him first shift and a $2 hour raise I don't want him to stay. He would just be staying for the same crap!


  1. Poor Pat! I hope he will be happy in his new job!


  2. AWWW...sorry for what is happening to Pat!!! Hugs to you!  TerryAnn

  3. You are sooooooooo right Celeste! Pat deserves better...sometimes it seems like the bosses take advantage of the good workers, the ones that will bend over backwards for them...likr Pat has...

    They should have already reconized him for his good and never ending work he has done...

    I say "tough tootie" to those owners, let them reap what they have sown! Amen? Tell Pat to be singingt he words  Johnny Paycheck's song as he walks out the door...." Take this job and shove it"!!!

    love ya,

  4. Why is that the best workers don`t get the recognition they deserve until they say they are leaving?  It`s men like Pat that keep some companies going and I can`t blame him for resigning.

    Sandra xxxx

  5. I am so right there with him.  You have read my journal, you know that I can TOTALLY RELATE to his position.  
    Change is hard but, it's good.  It's always good to shake things up, learn, grow.  
    I think he's making the decision.

  6. yes, companies often overlook their best workers until they realize what a huge hole their departure will make. i hope pat does not go back, and will soon let it go enough to sleep well. margo

  7. This company is soooooooooo stupid....If I owned a company and had an employee like that...I would be so grateful....too bad they are full of empty promises, use his good work as if its nothing....I know its a stretch to walk from where their is comfort...but the doors dont come until we do....I say someone who is looking for them too......Pat will get a better job...and they will have their regrets...-Raven

  8. That company does not deserve to have Pat as an employee ~ they have left it too late to charm him back to work for them again ~ I hope he has another job he can quickly get into and and they will recognise his worth ~ Ally

  9. what a bummer for Pat.

    Why do some companies treat their good employees like crap then give the suckass lazy ones all the promotions or preferred treatment?

    I know a few workers like Pat, they deserve more.

    I can imagine the mental war going on in Pat's mind. I hope he is able to sleep tonite.

    Hang in there!!!

  10. Hope Pat stays committed to his new plans.  The sad truth is when it comes to pay, too many places pay the most to the ones who party with, hang out with, kiss the @*# of them who control the purse strings.......not to those who work hardest and best.  -  Barbara


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