Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the news

In the news this morning is a story of a protest staged in airports across the country. The protest in is support of a nursing mom who was thrown off a plane because she refused to cover with a blanket. Why should this baby have to be covered? Do you like to be smothered while you are eating? Somewhere along the lines, nursing an infant became taboo in public. I am not sure but I believe it is mostly an American taboo. I support public nursing.

Another story in the news is more local. A school bus in Huntsville Alabama plunged off an overpass after possibly being clipped by a car. 4 teenagers are now dead. There are more children in the hospital in critical condition. Please send prayers and good wishes.

And the results are in! The puppies were not born to the cat! Did anyone really believe that story??

More news.... Whopping cough is on the rise. Personally I have seen 2 cases of whopping cough, 1 an adult the other a small baby. It was horrible listening to and seeing that poor baby with the cough. Apparently it is on th rise because the vaccine wears off. there is now a booster vaccine available for ages 11-64.

And in beauty news.... People are growing gardens and making New Orleans bloom again. I am glad that color will once again be coming to that beautiful town. I have always found that growing things gives hope of renewal.

And that is the news. Time to start cooking!



  1. I nursed all three of my children and sometimes, you have no option but to nurse in public.  While I was obviously discreet, I only occasionally got a sideways glance.  I don't think that many people are really bothered by it....and those who are should just get over it.  In some ways we are such a backward nation.

  2. Hi Celeste.....I believe when you are!!!! babies don't always have a time schedule....and they don't realize where they are when they get hungry LOL...but I also feel that even tho breast feeding is nothing new in our world...the world "consideration" comes to my grandson who is seven knows more about sex and sexual behavior than I did when I is the times....we are betwixt and between eras....some have not gotten over the inhibitions about the body etc....whereas the more modern folk have the "whatever" again...I think "consideration of where and who you are with" is the working word...whereas I will think..."how sweet"....the person next tome may think...."oh yuk" carry on Mom and small one...but let descretion be the best part of whatever we do....oh I could go on and on...but won't LOLOL...thanks for letting me vent.....LOL...hugs from KY....Ora

  3. So sad about the bus plunging over the bypass I pray for those Children ~ No I didn't believe those puppies were born to a cat lol ~ and as for nursing a child in public I personally have no objections ~ it is the most natural act ~ I wonder if those same people who objected  ~ object to seeing Cat feeding her Kittens or any other animal feeding their young ~ crazy world we live in ~ Ally

  4. Sad about those families losing their kids.  What an awful thing to happen!  
    As far as breastfeeding...well....I think there are a lot of nuts out there and a woman who is doing it in public should be a bit discreet.  A lot of places now have lounges you can go to for that.  
    Have a good day...Pam

  5. I cannot believe that a nursing mother was asked to cover her baby, then forced to leave the plane!!!!! that is WRONG. I am against people filing law suits at whims, but this is a good case to file a suit against the airlines and teche them, and the others a lesson. That poor mother! and NO ONE likes to be smothered while eating. What is wrong with people?!?!!

    okay I am done ranting over at your place.........

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and give your mare a big hug!

  6. Bet no one would have said a word if some sex kitten was on the plane with her breasts spilling out of a push up bra!!!  I did nurse my babies.  If a woman is wearing a garment made for nursing, one quick flash is all anyone will ever see.  The baby, if positioned properly covers any exposed area.  -  Very sad tragedy involving the bus.  -  Our old family doctor used to tell mama every time I had tonsilitius that if he didn't know better he'd swear I had the whooping cough because I always had such violent coughing fits.  -  Barbara

  7. That's nuts, not letting a woman nurse her child!  It's amazing!

  8. I remember having whooping cough, and I sure don't wish that on anyone! I hope your holiday was great - I am so far behind.


  9. Nursing mothers needing to be covered?...we are sooo ancient and backwards...people are nuts...glad I wasnt there...not sure how well I would have done with those complainers....What is natural should be seen as natural...covering it up almost taints the simplicity and beauty in it...-Raven

  10. I nurse where ever and whenever I want, and I dare anyone to tell me to stop.


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