Friday, December 1, 2006

weather and stuff

The weather today is going crazy. At 6 am it was 69 degrees and now at 9:15 am it is 45 degrees. There are big black clouds all around but the sun is shining where I am. The wind is whipping anything loose in the yard all over the place! The chickens are hunkered down in a corner trying to keep from being blown away. The horses are standing in the wind. They never seem to go into the barn except in extreme weather. Pup is under the tree curled up and there is not a cat to be seen. According to the forecast we are suppose have a 40% chance of rain this morning with the temperatures dropping to the 40's by afternoon. So far they are 100% wrong!

Not much is going on right now. Brook is working on her belt test. It is on the 12th. Not much time left. She is the only one that is testing for red belt. She will have  it hard because of that. LOL She will probably have to spar with a black belt instead of another testee. We will  see.

I need to get busy. I want to get some decorations up today. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to my niece's house and sell Christmas trees.

See everyone later!



  1. Hi Celeste,  Why is it that the weather forecastors always get it wrong?  Have a great weekend. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  2. If I were wrong as much as the weatherman, I'd lose my job! I enjoyed your description of the weather.
    Have a good day.  ~~~Pam

  3. I for one am glad the called "weather persons"...are wrong windy....and temp dropped....that I can snow here.....goody goody gooody.....LOL...all is well....hugs to ya from KY....Ora

  4. We have the same weather was 70 degrees earlier, and the wind is now 50 mph and took down a big limb in my yard and it is coooolllllllddddd out....

  5. Oh, you had our weather yesterday, today!!  LOL  Fun living in the south, isn't it?  -  Barbara

  6. Sparring with a black belt is good - it's the lower belts that can hurt you!


  7. The first part of this entry sounds like mine from Friday.  We had a big drop in temps, too.  Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  I've had a busy few weeks, not to mention computer trouble.  I'm trying little by little to get caught up.  Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Sounds like here.  Yesterday, it was freezing, in the thirties, today, it's almost sixty.  


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