Wednesday, March 22, 2006

update on the child

Thought I would let you know what happened yesterday, When Brook came home I went thru her head and found nothing. I treated her anyway. Went thru her head again, nothing, Well I did not totally trust my eyes(and that little comb) so Pat went thru her head, same thing. Her mother came over and went thru her head, nothing. That poor child had her head combed so much yesterday that I am surprised that she has any hair left! She has real thick hair so it took awhile to do it each time. I hated it, she hated it. It is over now. 9 weeks of school left, hope we make it to the end with no more "outbreaks".

P.S. Not sure if I told you. She made the honor roll but did not get any ribbon for it. They said it was because she had an N(for needs improvement). She had that in uses time wisely. Well she had that last time too and got her ribbon. In my opinion they do not give them enough work to do! Hopefully that changes next year.


  1. AH I hate those buggers and how they get passed in schools Tracy use to have to keep tea tree oil iand eucalyputus in her hair when she workeed at this goverment day care as the kids always someone had it adn people brought thier kids in sick all the time. there was one three month old that came in awitha a 103 temp all the time they would call the mom whoswore!!!!!!!!! she had no fever that morning. finally they found out this woman had no heat in that babies room and she was drinking her goverment funds away so most of the time baby only got what wic got it. POOR thing. But when someone like you takes care of thier kids and grandbabies and you have to deal with this and she does too its aggrevating because Tracy said there were some moms who were really trying nad had no money hardly and then theyhad ot buy all that lice stuff adn treat becuase some moms dont care!!!!!! One litte one told them at the day care momma said not to scratch so you would not notice my itchies in my hair but I cant help it. the mom knew and sent the child anyway.

  2. Lice is a BIG problem here in the sunshine used to drive me crazy with my older daughter from my first marriage...her hair was thick and down to her waist....we both cried when she was found with one...however I did discover the secret to keeping them off....HAIRSPRAY....Lice cannot stay on the hair shaft to lay eggs....I never had a problem after that.....very strong hair gel (that makes your hair very stiff) also works.
    Hope this helps

  3. Just the thought of lice makes most of us cringe, doesn't it, lol? At least you know she is clean now! Who doesn't like having their hair combed by someone else? It's so relaxing.

    I suppose you could give her a special treat even if the school didn't - cookies, late bedtime, whatever makes her happy :). Or give her some ribbon and let her make her own!


  4. How can you "Need Improvement" if you're on the Honor roll? That's very weird.

  5. Well......congradulations to Brooke on her straight A's, ribbon or no ribbon.  -  Barbara

  6. How much more "improvement" do you need when you are on the bloody Honor Roll? Blimey, that's a hard-ass school!

  7. Seems to me that she IS using her time wisely ifshe is on the HONOR ROLL!!!!

  8. They called me to the school one time for the oldest said she had lices. I went and checked and show them she didnt. It was hair spray from where we did her hair to clog that weekend and she didnt wash it out good. LOL
    I think they should have gave her a ribbon.

  9. WHAT???  Go get that damned ribbon!  She worked for it. ;)  C.

  10. If Brook did make the honor roll....I would say that she was using her time "wisely"...maybe ya need to check out this "teacher" and see if she is using HER time wisely instead of just going thru and checking at random.....sheesh....Hugs from KY....Ora   and PS...our grands went thru this "lice" thingy a couple times in first grade....we then started taking our own devices...made them start by taking a large garbage bag and putting their coats and etc inside...sure did help...we had a small scare this year....but it was just hairspray!!!!! LOL..Hugs from KY...Ora


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