Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Brook was sent home today from school. They claimed to have found lice on her head. Several other little girls were sent home also. I hate those bugs! I checked her head and found 1 bug and that was a flea! Oh well. Today I will be treating her for the bugs again. Second time this year. My head is itching bad, as soon as I got the phone call it started itching! The tricks your mind plays on you. I know I know, gross subject!

On to some other stuff. I found a nest of eggs! My little chickens are finally laying eggs. Now if they will just keep laying in the same place! These are game chicken so the eggs are more of a medium size not large. They are a pale brown also. They taste good!

Spring has sprung. The grass is starting to grow in the fields now. Soon I will be having to mow in the yard. Except for one minor problem.... my lawnmower won't start. We think the starter has gone out or is stuck.

Our next door person has a new puppy. It comes over here and tears things up. It already weighs more than Scampi but is the same height. I have been peppering it with a BB gun but it seems to have no effect. Looks like I will be calling the dog catcher. He(that person) has no intention of taking care of this dog. He never does. He allowed one dog to die of thrist that he kept chained up. Another dog was allowed to run free and was hit by a car. He left it in the road and DROVE by it everyday! Another dog was mangled in a brush hog and he did nothing for it just let it die. It took 6 hours for it to die, suffering horribly. A bullet would have been kind. There were 2 puppies, now one is gone.

That's it for now. Time to get busy again.


  1. My daughter had a terrible time getting rid of Nattie's lice, and the thing that finally worked was Mayonaise!

  2. Oh, well.....such is the life of a child.  

    Congratulations on the eggs!  We have hens laying all over now.  One has made a nest of top of our window unit and is setting there!!  We need a new coop in a bad way.  lol  -  Barbara

  3. Your neighbor should be banned from having anything alive in his possession.


  4. I love your quote below how wonderful. like is the glass half full or half empty. Yes call the dog warden we call ours but he is nothing if you have a good one that actually gets out of his truck adn will show up more than three days later then yes call. OH man you make my head itch grrrrrrr hate those buggers Another reason we are glad we homeschooled

  5. You should turn your nieghbor in.  He should not be allowed to have any animals at all.  

  6. I remember one time helping my sister take care of the lice on her kids...it was horrid.  Itchy feeling for days afterward.  Heck, I'm getting itchy just thinking of it.

    I cannot understand how a person can mistreat animals so ... how awful.

  7. LICE? DEAD DOGS? That "person" should get a little of his own treatment. Thanx for the update! rich

  8. Lice are so hard to get rid of.. I hate them!!
    donna In TEXAs

  9. I was soo lucky I never got lice nor did my kids....yet...lol
    My kids played with kids that had them and i thought for sure, but no.
    I guess they dont like us...lol

  10. What a horrible entry. Gods. I hated reading this.

  11. Celeste, report that idiot to the humane society or the police...that is a crime what he is doing to these animals.
    Head lice........what makes it so bad is that you can get rid of them from your child...but if another parent doesn't do anything, then your kid gets them back over and over again! Been there and done that ! lol

  12. Some people are so sick hon... ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

  13. oh, I feel your itchy head.  We just endured this ourselves...


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