Monday, March 27, 2006

10 good things

I got this idea from another journal. As soon as I remember where I will let you know. She had an idea that every Monday she would write about 10 good things that happened in the past week.
10 good things that happened this week.
1. Belle got out and stayed home.
2. I found where my chicken were laying their eggs.
3. Pat and I went out together.
4. Brook made me a picture.
5. Scampi made it thru this night without an accident.
6. The trees are blooming.
7. Pat is still on first shift.
8. The sun was shining more time than the clouds were raining.
9. I lost weight.
10. My friend's sister does not have to move to New York.

****edited to add; Lisa started this last week



  1. Hi Celeste,  that`s a good idea, but knowing me I`d forget what had happened unless I wrote it down at the! :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  2. well congrats on the weight loss gal!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice list!  Lisa @
    started this last week and I see it 'catching on'.  It's good for all of us to count our blessings and remember that there are lots of good or nice things that go on in our weeks!

  4. I wish number eight was happening in my neck of the woods!  Lisa  :-]

  5. This is fun! Love the brevity of your list. makes me realize I talk too much and give out TMI.

  6. Great idea I did it too

  7. I like this. Now, I'm thinking. No particular order.
    1) I found some wonderful old pictures while cleaning out a drawer.
    2) An online friend found a painting I wanted to copy (I had been searching for it for years) and I've been enjoying the idea of what I will copy and won't and anticipating the fun of it.
    3) My granddaughter (the oldest) gave me dinner in bed......because I wasn't feeling well one night.
    4) The weather has been sunny.
    5) My daughter was sick and is feeling better.
    6) I've been getting a good night's sleep for a whole week.
    7) My yard got cleaned up by my son-in-law.
    8) I found the address of an old friend that I had lost.
    9) Prayers were answered.
    10) I learned to forgive someone who hurt me.

  8. Nice list of all good things ~ wish the people who read the news on TV would include one or to nice news items among all the dome and gloom they come out with everyday  ~  Ally

  9. I like this idea!  May do it next monday, myself.  Sort of a count your blessings mentality.  -  Barbara

  10. I could only hope for five things.

    I did just find $32 on the highway tonight. Not too bad a start!

  11. Thats a good ideal we should all count our blessing instead of focusing on the bad things.

  12. Glad that you had some time with Brook......Will stop by and check out your friend..TerryAnn.


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