Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Im in

That was really weird. I never had it happen that I was unable to reach my journal or comment in any! When I saw my journal, I saw what yall saw. No add entry button, but there was an add alert button for IF ENTRIES WERE MADE!

I see a few changes from the update this morning but nothing that I see really effects me yet.

Candy and her husband have moved. Brook is still here because they do not have a bed for her yet. I am so hoping they do not get one real soon. I hope they work on the rest of the place and their bedroom before doing something about Brook's bedroom. They have stopped by here everyday after work to get some of their stuff. I wonder if they will make a point to stop by after they get everything?

What is going on? Nothing really. I am trying to clean my house up. I have really let it go. I keep working and working and I never seem to get ahead of it or even stay on an even keel. I need a maid!

Got some wonderful news(said with a sneer). Pat's mama calls us and tells us that Pat's wonderful, beautiful wife(not talking about me, talking about his ex) is moving back to town. She is crazy (both of them) Pat's ex is not wonderful. She tried to kill Pat on several occasions (scars to prove it and more than 1 person has talked about them), stole, lied, cheated(has another man's child) and they have not seen each other for about 20 years. Yet this same person(because she is crazy) used to call all the time and tell me that Pat will never be over her, that he was hers forever. Yes it was her. I had caller ID and she never blocked her number. Am I worried, in a word NO. First he does not love that psychotic b**** (his word not mine) and second, it is her brother not her that is coming thru here for a visit with his son in North Carolina! Pat's mom used to tell me all the time that if J. B. ever came back to town I would have to leave because Pat would want her. If Pat wants her then he is welcome to her. Like the saying goes... Set them free if they don't come back they were never yours to start with.

There I got that out of my system and I feel better.


  1. I can't believe your MIL would say those things to you!!! What nerve!!!


  2. Ahhh...some familial chit stirring I see.  Too bad.  glad yo ugot in though. ;)  C.

  3. Well, let me get some aromatic room spray and just totally clear the air! I hope your daughter sort of forgets about Brook too, and leaves her with you. As for the psychotic ex, well.....*spray spray*


  4. I totally understand. IF Todd did nto come back I would feel like you. Ya know one time his EX called during a service yes a religious service said she was dying had her kids call . He said he had to go. (we had only been toghete ra few months) He asked if I cared WELL I DID but I said go you need to know and see you cared for her kids. He said IM checking and I ll be right back. He has a kind tender heart. But I knew if he did no come back he was not mine it was a good test.  heid so I agre

  5. omg I cant believe pats mom said that to
    With your journal trouble...when that happens I access it with internet explorer instead of aols browser. It has always worked for me.

  6. Oh yeah theres one in every crowd. Doubt you have anything to worry about. Paula

  7. Well, when it comes to a MIL saying things to you and about you that are hurtful, I know all about that as well...but she would never say things like that about any of Mike's ex's, she hates them more than she does me? Is that a compliment for me? I don't know, I can't stand her, so it's a lovely relationship (said with a sneer). Lol. I too hope that Candy sorta "forgets" about Brook, she's much better off staying in the only place she's known.

  8. oh please if its been 20 years his mommas crazy! If he wonted her he would have been hunting her down by now.
    Maybe they will leave Brook till school is out --May is not that far away and it would be bettter for her.

  9. What in the land is his mom doing calling you with that garbage. If his ex moves back to town have call block put on your phone along with the caller ID. You can block up to six names, so at least she will find it hard to call unless she goes somewhere else. You will have six option to block from wherever she goes. Or at least that option is available here in our area. Helen

  10. ally123130585918March 2, 2006 at 7:41 AM

    Celeste what is his Mum thinking about - if he had wanted her he would not be with you and as you so aptly put it "set them free if they don't come back they were never yours to start with"....
    Hope everything goes OK for Brook and you  Take care ~ Ally

  11. Hi Celeste,  I agree with that last comment.  If Pat really did want her he wouldn`t have waited 20 yrs for it to happen.  That was a very unkind thing for his Mum to say.  I`m glad you feel better after putting it all down in your entry. I`ve always said these journals are like therapy, only free! :o)

    Sandra xxxxx

  12. Ah, MILs.  I used to get along great with mine and then she became like something you'd see in the Exhorsist ... we haven't spoken in about 9 months now and I suspect it will continue on that way.  

    I'm just catching up on visiting journals.  Although the alerts have been coming through and I have been able to read the e-mails, I was having trouble commenting.  Hopefully, that phase of the update is over.  :)

  13. b****

    Hmm...I am trying to think of what you meant here.

  14. Glad you were able to get that out of your system. Pat's, Mom is a nut case...

  15. sounds like your mother in law is a psycho bitch to me to say those things
    Donn aIn TEXAS


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