Tuesday, March 14, 2006

still here

I'm still here. This carpet cleaning is hard! LOL I have the hallway and livingroom done. I had to do them twice. Wintertime is dirty around here. I could probably do them a third time and still get dirty water. I will just wait until next month and do them again. The furniture is back in place, well almost. Some things did not get placed in the same spot they were before. The birds are back in the south window of the livingroom. It does not get as hot there. Somehow or another 2 chairs of my new patio set are in my livingroom! O well. They can stay for now. I am not ready to get the loveseat out of the bedroom yet. Still have some serious cleaning to do in here but it looks 100% better now.

So Pat is on first shift this week. He is taking the place of a guy that is out having surgery done. I am hoping that he stays on first for awhile. He is happier there and so am I. I can get more work done if I can make noise in the morning!

So it is almost time for me to take the truck into the bodyshop to get fixed. I have to get ready to go now. See yall later!


  1. good luck with the truck. oh glad I dont have carpets anymore I hated that job love the pergo no end !!!!!!!!! mop and done on that one. oh man I love first but Todd is lmoast 3 adn first lol five am too early wti him coming home at 5 pm

  2. I feel so lazy. I haven't done a thing today. I have an excuse. I hurt my back but not enough to be this lazy. : )

  3. Would you consider coming about 1000 miles north and 900 miles west and tackle my mess???

  4. Hi Celeste,  My carpets need doing too, they`re not too bad but they could be cleaner....sigh  I just have to get around to doing them...lol! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. Celeste you sound like you have been really busy ~ Hope the carpets are looking good ~ after all your hard work ~ Hope Pat can keep on the first shift ~ so you can make plenty of noise in the mornings  ~ Ally

  6. I've had it with carpet.  I took 'em all up.  Now I have hardwood flooring.  Lots easier to clean!


  7. That just about figures, just as I walked in the door here the ol' man hollers at me "the baby's up".  Okay...and so I have to get off the computer because Lord knows he won't, lol.  
    I'll be back soon.  Good luck with the carpets and if ya get up to Ohio...lol.
    Miss ya, take care.

  8. I am telling you, you can clean that carpeting 16 times and the water will still look dirty. I think they  put chemicals in the water that make it look dirty no matter what you do.


  9. I just had my carpets done like 2 months ago well back in dec BUT you can't tell by looking at them!


  10. I need to do some carpet cleaning in my den
    Farms dont have ordenary dirty
    You havent posted the birds in a while how are the young ones?

  11. I feel your pain!


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