Sunday, March 19, 2006


Everyday of your life counts, everyday matters. In just a bit deeper, every second of everyday counts. We have no guarantee that we will have another second left in our life. I am not saying live every moment as if it is your last. I think that if everyone did that then life would be very short. What I am saying is that what you do now affects what happens later on in your life.

Every bite of food you eat affects you. It affects your weight, your blood, your heart, everything. It affects the people around you, the ones that love you. Being overweight or underweight( and I have been both) affected me physically and mentally. I had no energy, I had no love for myself or anybody else, I would get sick easily. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Everything you read or watch affects you. Do you know of someone that is always full of dread and doom? What do they read or watch?

Every word out of your mouth affects you and those around you. Do you cuss and then wonder why the children do? When you are angry do you start with language that would curl hair? Once the words leave your mouth (I am not just talking about cussing, I am talking about hateful hurtful words) and they are heard, they can never be taken back. You can be forgiven for them, but believe me when I tell you this, they will never be forgotten.

Everyday counts, everything counts. Every kind act, every kind word, every smile, it all counts.

Everytime you wave someone to go in front of you, everytime you smile at that  child in the store. Who knows, maybe no one has smiled at that child, that smile matters to that child, it counts. Everytime you say well done, it matters.

Life can be short or a long time. What you do right now, right this second counts.


  1. Very good and so true. Helen

  2. Amen!  Preach it sister Celeste.  lol  Seriously, you are very right.  We have no way of knowing what small thing now may be big later.  We can exist or live.  Live shallow or live deep.  Live loosely or live well.  -  Babara

  3. I agree. Great entry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Celeste;
    You have told the truth....
    There is a book by the late Fred Rogers ( MR. Rogers) ,,,in it he says
    "Do you realize just how important you are? You leave something of yourself with everyone that you meet." I love that verse....It sounds so much like Danny...he never thought himself important...but everyone else did..even people that we had no idea how he affected them and their lives...
    Thanks celeste for this maessage....

  5. how true so true

  6. Amen how true this is. Great entry. Everyday does count so live it to the fullest. We are never promised another tomorrow.


  7. I hope something bad didn't bring on this philosophizing!


  8. Your right on the money. I enjoyed this entry

  9. Very good advice here. Paula

  10. Celeste ~ how true ~ we should all live our lives to the fullest ~ enjoying every moment ~ Ally

  11. Words of wisdom!  smiles.  TerryAnn.

  12. You are right, each moment counts and we don't always know what it counts for in someone elses life, but surely it does.

  13. So very true hon' this entry. ;)  C.


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