Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Pat and I were going to take a road trip this morning up to Fall Creek Falls. That has been put off. Last night a hose(we hope)blew on the bike. He is out there right now taking everything off to get to the hoses. Not like a car where you can raise the hood up and there they are. Nope, you have to remove this and remove that just to get to the hoses. There are 6 of them. Hopefully the one that blew is easy to get to.

I was really looking forward to going. Oh well, another day.

So I guess I will be getting busy with my cleaning. I have laundry to do and furniture to move around.

It is beautiful today and I don't want to be inside all day trying to get my work done.

Speaking of beauty. Here is a picture I took this morning out in my back field.


  1. Oh lucky you!  I have one HUGE buck that brings his group through here ocassionally, on their way to the pond and lake.  So beautiful. ;)  C.

  2. I'm disappointed for you.  It's getting warm enough now for us to consider a nice long ride!  But I guess I view the glass as half full:  better at home than on the road!  Nice picture.  I so enjoy the wildlife surprises!

  3. Great pic....and sorry you didn't get your ride...know the feeling from time to time....LOL...hope Pat was able to fix the hose without alot of trouble...Hugs....Ora

  4. How nice to look out your own back yard and see this...lucky you!  Sorry you had to postpone your trip... Jae

  5. Dont see a pic but sorry your trip is off. I tell you one thing girl!!!!!!!! we are hoping to have our frist outing this year. Normally we get a good day in january and one or two in feb and few mroe in march but it will be april and our first!!!!!!!

  6. Look on the bright side the hose blew before you left.
    Fall creek Falls is a beautiful place.
    I hope you get to go soon.
    sounds like Pats got a job today in fixing that hose.

  7. Sorry you missed your trip. Well, another time.
    I can tell it's spring this morning.......the allergies kicked in!

  8. Good thing the hose went before you went out ~ sorry you missed your trip ~ The picture from you back yard is lovely ~ Ally

  9. Sorry you are stuck at home with housework.  Love the picture.  It's great living in the country, isn't it?  Is that actual birch and hardwoods behind your house?  I'm jealous.  Around here the majority is pine and pinoak.  But we are graced with beautiful dogwoods scattered all around!  -  Barbara

  10. Sorry your trip was spoiled.  Hope everything else is going good.  hugs....TerryAnn.

  11. Hi Celeste,  what a pity about the bike, I hope it`s not too serious.  That is a lovely photo.  We don`t get deer came that close to our houses here.  :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  12. That is a very pretty picture!



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