Thursday, March 16, 2006

It let me in LOL

I'm in now so I will make this quick in case I lose it again!LOL

Went to the doctor yesterday and my blood work drawn and got all checked out. My doctor increased my diabetics medicine without waiting on the blood work to get back. I had taken her a chart of my daily sticks and from that she decided that I needed an increase. She also put me on antibiotics for my sinuses. I have not been able to bend over lately without it feeling like my head was about to explode! Anyone with sinus trouble knows what I am talking about. She could see the water building up behind my eardrums. She also noted that I had missed my last mammogram appointment and got onto me. I have an appointment today to go get that done. So I will be getting pressed today. I have a lump that they are keeping an eye on so I am not supposed to miss my appointments.  

Pat was off yesterday and I did not get a thing done! So today will involve a bit of catchup on my work. I am off into the back bedroom and I will be shampooing the carpet in there. I am so ready to move the saddles out of my bedroom back into their own room!


  1. dont know why stomes those buttons are gone. I take vite e and evening primrose for my lump apply a soltice of castor oil infused with lavender and I also apply a hot compress every night to it and that has helped keep it at bay they say its a hormone estrogen thingy what ever I cant remeber but fiber sometihng or other lol

  2. I have one of those too - I never miss an appointment! My theory is that if you keep up the appointments, everything will be just fine :)

    I am sick of carpets too - and walls. I am steaming carpets in the rooms after I paint.


  3. busy busy
    I do know about exploding heads!
    I have been opeing my windows and it has gotton to me.
    need to keep those appointments!
    have a good day

  4. That rug cleaning could be making your sinuses worse. Those dust mites do a lot of damage to me so I know.


  5. HOpe you feel better soon and all your test results are good ones!  -  Barbara

  6. Hi Celeste, good luck with the mammogram, I had mine three weeks ago and got the all clear in days.  I do hate having them even though they`re necessary. :o(

    Sandra xxxx

  7. We keep stealing our saddle  from each other. I love the smell!!!


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