Thursday, March 23, 2006

this and that

It is a beautiful day this morning. My birds are singing loud and cheery. The sun is shining, the rain and wind have ceased. AND  I get to see two of the biggest yard puppies I have ever seen! Yesterday I am sitting here at my computer quietly playing some solitaire when I hear a thundering noise. I look out the window and lo and behold Precious is running toward the house from the back field! First thought thru my mind was where is Belle? Quickly I run into the bedroom throw on some pants and a coat and head out the door. First thing I do is hook the gate then go and hook the back gate. As I cross the back yard I see Belle and I am so relieved! I really did not want to go chasing that horse down on a cold wet day! So into the front field I go walking the fence line trying to see where they got out at. I can find no place. It is a mystery! Now Belle can jump but Precious???? She is so fat she is lucky to walk! Actually she has lost a lot of weight this winter. I put her on a diet.  Belle used to be a jumping fool. She would jump anything. A bucket on the ground? JUMP. A stick? JUMP. Precious won't waste her energy jumping! She will walk around something or wait for you to move it!
That is why I have yard puppies.
I have got to get busy building a small chicken coop. I plan on getting some Golden Comet chicks. I want them to go to one certain place to lay and roost.
The black and white cat is pregnant again. She lost her last litter. They were born too early. She seems to be holding this one! I swear she looks like she is going to pop anytime now! I am missing a kitty, a small gray and white tomcat. He was real sweet. He may just be catting around. Putput does that sometimes. He is a small yellow cat. They are so small that I am sure that they are not fighting. They avoid other cats that are bigger than them(and that is most cats!)
Scampi is doing well. He has gained weight. His ribs don't show anymore but you can still feel them ( just like you are supposed to)
Big Daddy has lost some weight. He really needed to. He is still a big cat but now he is not obese! He had a place on his ear where he had gotten hurt in a fight. I kept doctoring it and finally he scratched it open so it would drain. I kept  trying to get it to drain but I could only do so much. Pat said no way to taking him to vet. He is fine now. The ear looks much better. The skin is growing back.
The baby birds are starting to shed their feathers now. Soon they will have their adult coat of feathers.
That is it for now. Gonna get some work done.


  1. glad you didnt have to chase the horse! sounds like everyone is ready for spring.

  2. Yard Puppies... I understand LOL!

  3. ah man sleet snow and cold the other day now cold Im so tired of this I am really sick ha head and deep chest cold and now sick tummy I got it all. thats whati get for not being sick all winter. share pics of your new chickens and im sure glad you did nto have to chase that horse. take some more pics of scampie and hope these kittens tunr out o kay

  4. You reminded me of my childhood. My grandmother raised chick and she always had cats who had liters and I loved that all as a child. : ) Thanks for the memories.

  5. Celeste sounds wonderful in your part of the world with the birds singing and the sun shining ~ Glad you didn't have to chase the Horse on a cold wet day ~ wonder where they got out ? perhaps Precious can jump but don't let you know she can lol ~ Nice to get some chickens ~ all those lovely eggs ~ Glad Scampi is doing so well ~ love to see some pictures of the birds in their adult feathers ~ Ally

  6. Why did "Old MacDonald" go through my head as I was reading this?

  7. I would say you are a cat lover. My youngest daughter is always rescueing a cat from somewhere and taking it home. It is very hard on her when they get old. She just had to put her oldest down and he was 16. And of course I love my Susie but she is enough. Paula

  8. You sure have a lot of animals - oh yeah, it's a farm!


  9. You lost me with the "yard puppies"?????  but it seems that "life on the farm" is anything but boring LOL...enjoy it to the fullest....Hugs from KY....Ora


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