Monday, May 9, 2005


Yesterday was the first Mother's Day in a long time that I felt about good about the day. Mother's Day has had bad memories for me since the time my daughter was a pre-teen. Every year it was one bad thing after another. I swear that she did her best to make me regert being a mother. It felt like that she hated me. Not just on Mother's Day but everyday. Mother's Day just kind of drove the point home.

Brook had given me a thing that she made at school. It had little hearts on popsicle sticks that had chores on it for her to do. Made me cry! I never expected her to give it to me. My daughter gave me some popourii and a cup. I love getting cups. I change out cups all the time. I am a big hot tea drinker. We got Candy a stand alone Queen Anne style jewelry box. She really liked it. She then fixed breakfast for all of us. Brook and I then got ready for church and left. We had a guest preacher. Our pastor's father had unexpectedly died the day before. Anyway, the message he gave was wonderful. It was about mothers of course. He talked about how some women are mothers and others are just childbearers. He stressed the fact that just because you give birth that does not make you a mother. He said that the title of MOTHER is earned. There were quite a few tears in church yesterday. After we got home Brook and Candy went swimming. When they got back Candy took us out to eat. We went to O'Charleys and were seated right away! After eating we went to the flea market. Next came a trip to Walmart. I got some tomato plants. After we got home we got the horses out for a ride. They did real good. Precious is as big as a barrel! I have to watch her she will eat until she pops! I cannot understand how come she has never foundered. She has coliced before. The vet said it was from eating frosted grass. I guess I need to get me a new linge rope and start exercising her more on the days I do not ride. Belle does real good now. She is neck reining more each time. Brook tried to ride her but Belle would not go for her. She would follow Pat around the yard! LOL It was so funny. Brook was trying her best to kick her and get her going!. We need to train her to respond to a neck slap. that may be better than kicking her. My day ended and now a new day is here. Gotta get busy cooking something for the wake today. See yall later!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!  And happy to know someone actually rides thier horses!!!  LOL  -  Barbara

  2. Your day yesterday sounds absolutely great!  I am so glad you had a happy Mother's Day.  Sam

  3. I am so happy you had a lovely day!
    ~ Julie~

  4. Your guest preacher sounds like a very wise man. :-)

  5. spunkyxmasangelMay 9, 2005 at 6:03 PM

    Sounds like you had an awesome day.  I'm glad.  Of course Brook gave you that present.  You're the one she runs to when she has a problem.  Like Tiff says to me I may not be mommy but I'm godmommy and you may not be mommy but you're grandmommy.  Okay. Time to go watch muppets with Austin. -Dawn-

  6. I just knew Brook would make you are the one person in her life that she goes to for anything she needs, be it a hug or a new pencil! lol
    That was sweet of Candy to fix your breakfast!
    That preacher sure said it right didn't he?
    Take care,


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