Saturday, May 21, 2005

Patricks Sat Six

Once again it is time for Patrick's Saturday Six.

1. What is the last product or service you tried just because you saw a commercial that impressed or amused you about the product?  Did you like the product or service after you tried it?
I really cannot think of anything.

2. How old is the oldest photograph in your home?  Are you in it?
The oldest photo I have is that of my great grand father. It is pre-Civil War is all I know.
3. What is the most supernatural event you have experienced?  Did you feel there was a specific reason that it happened to you?
A visit from my Daddy at the time of his death. I believe that it was supposed to comfort me. He said goodbye to me even though I was unable to say goodbye to him.
4. Do you usually consider the glass half-empty or half-full?
half empty.
5. What part or parts of your body do you shave regularly?
Well I just do not shave on a regular basis. Since I broke my back it gets tiring to bend over for that length of time. Lucky for me My hair grows slow!
6. What day is typically your busiest of the week?  What day are you usually the happiest?  What day are you usually the saddest?
Sometimes it is all the same day. There is no particular day that any of it occurs.


  1. "Since I broke my back"


  2. There you go girl!  Your answer on #6 says it all.  And I know this is on the wrong entry, but I do hope you are feeling all better.  -  Barbara


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