Saturday, May 14, 2005

Weekend #59

Once again it is time for John's weekend assignment.

Weekend Assignment #59: We've all had teachers who have made a difference in our lives. Tell us about one of yours. It can be a teacher from any level of education, from kindergarten to graduate school.

Extra Credit:
Tell us your second favorite subject in school.

When I think back I have to pick my second grade teacher, Mrs. Rogers.  She had jet black hair and a large hook beak nose. Kids would call her a witch behind her back. In first grade I was labeled a slow learner. I did not realize that , all I knew is that I was in the reading group with the ones that could not read very well. Which  was strange but I never said anything about it. I was reading by the time I was 4 and could do multiplication when I started school. I had a problem reading out loud. Combined with being shy and hearing disabled (no one knew I had a BIG hearing loss at that time) and eyes that were getting weak, well I guess I probably was slow. Mrs. Rogers noticed that the books I was checking out of the library was 3rd level books and up. She had me read out of one of them one day and immediately moved me into the highest level reading group. My problem was not that I could not read it was that I could not SAY the words out loud. I had a speech impediment. She would work with me on saying the words. Back in those days there weren't speech classes in our school. From that day on I loved school. At least I loved schoolwork!

It is really hard to pick the second favorite class. LOL I guess I would have to say baking. I loved going to that class and baking new things. I have always liked trying new recipes and now I could let others taste them! We had a homework assignment every week where we had to try a new recipe and have 5 people taste test it. I did not have 5 people so I had to bring mine to class. My teacher and classmates got to have dessert every week. I never had leftovers. My teacher complained I was making her gain too much weight! She was pregnant at the time.

P. S. In high school I had access to everybody's permanent record. I looked up mine and found a few things out like my test scores and what teachers might have written on there for the whole world to see. My first grade teacher had written that I was slow and recommended that I be tested for retardation. LOL I was on the star roll for my entire time in school and my IQ test was NOT below normal. Until I reached college I never had to study for a test.


  1. Enjoyed reading this Celeste and getting to know a little more about you.

  2. I really enjoyed this Celeste, it's so interesting really learning about the person, behind the screen  name!
    ~ Julie~

  3. Tested for retardation?!!  Ah, I wish I could read what teachers wrote about me in those early years!

  4. Interesting! I was put into a special ed class for reading comprehension too...turns out I couldn't SEE and needed glasses. I could read well above my grade level too. Another scary thing...Mrs. Rogers sounds like my grandmother (and she WAS a teacher) but there is NO way you are old enough to have been one of her students. You never lived in Hudson, NY, did you? LOL

  5. Ahh...the dreaded "permanent record"! I can only imagine what they wrote about me! Lies, I tell you. All lies! LOL!

  6. How fortunate for you that your obstacles were discovered early in your school years so that they didn't hold you back very far.  You sound very intelligent.

    Ana  ((0.~))


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