Friday, May 13, 2005

as promised

Been busy busy busy. I worked on the pool today as I did not get to it yesterday other than pulling it out of the shed. I have it all set up and water going in it now as we speck. The water is so warm! I will be happy to pop in it when I get thru working in the garden!

Yesterday at my doctor I found out that I had gained 6 pounds in 3 months! That made me upset. My BP was a bit higher than normal too. She also said my throat was flame red. I kind of figured that. I have been dealing with a sinus headache for a couple days. Easy to fix this problem. But the weight gain......The doctor called today and it was good news bad news. My sugar was good, my thyriod was out of whack again! And so was my cholesterol. Back to adjusting my dosage. My cholesterol is probably connected to the change in my thyriod level. And it also is probably what has caused me to gain weight!Anyway that made me feel better to know that the weight gain is more than likely because of thyriod level.

BTW The cat managed to clean himself up!

Pictures. I promised pictures. Here they are. First up is me and Candiac on Mother's Day  

Up next is my darling cutting in my garden  

Next comes trouble. First is Bubba and Buddy  

Then Bubba and Putt Putt.   Can you guess as to who is trouble?


  1. Am sure you will feel better when they get your medication dosage sorted out.  I love the pics, reminds me of when we used to have several cats.  Have a great weekend xx

  2. I bet the weight gain is thyroid!!Most likely culprit!Nice to see a pic of you!!  Hubby looks so cute on his tractor! Is it sexy???? I can't tell from the pic LOL

    ~ Julie~

  3. I wish I could gain a pound or two. I am working out like a madman and downing these shakes and eating everything I can catch and I am still the same weight! Bloody hell! LOL!

  4. I loved hte pictures! The one of you and Candi was so good!!! And your kitties are adorable! (I love cats too!)
    Bet you feel better when they adjust your medication!

  5. Thanks for sharing these PICS with us.  Looks like bubba could be a hand full.  LOL!  With all the work to do outside now that warm weather is here, I am sure you'll get that weight back off soon.  Sam

  6. Well, it's Saturday and here I am to give you another journal hit, will not be long now!

  7. hestiahomeschoolMay 15, 2005 at 7:26 AM

    I think I need to get my thyroid checked. I can't lose any weight at all...and I sleep a lot.

  8. Well, I think it has to be the black one!  Yep, that's Trouble.  I pray that your doctor can get you regulated and feeling wonderful soon!  Nice picture of the two of you, and Candace is beautiful.  Looks like our old tractor out there.  What type of garden?  -  Barbara


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