Monday, May 23, 2005


Hi! I'm back. Yes I am feeling better. My back has been tired all week and yesterday I just flat out over did it. I started out by pulling the newest member of our family about 300 feet to his eating area. I pulled in one direction and he pulled in the other. I guess you are asking what new member? Let me introduce you to Patches. He is a 6 month old goat. He has been fixed, so he does not give off that billy goat odor. Not very big is he? He is half pygmy goat. I know. You are saying aw he can't pull very hard! Anybody that has ever had any dealing with a goat knows that no matter what his size is he can pull hard! So anyway, I got him because the people that had him were tired of him getting out and eating their flowers! Well goats do that. They did not have the proper fence for a goat. I don't either. I have a dog pen 10 x 10 x 6 that I am keeping him in. I take him out on he morning and tie him out in a place that needs eating! I had a goat that I used to do that with. He will have to get used to it.  He will soon. He will realize that when I come get him in the morning I am taking him to food!
The next thing I did was weed eat grass. First I weed-eated around here then we went up to his mama's house and did her yard. She is not there and the people we hired did not show up to do it. By the time we got home my back was exhausted. It is better today but still weak.
Today the phone company came out and replace the phone line from the house to the phone box. Hopefully all the noise problems will be cleared up!
Candiac is going tonight to take the entrance exam at the school today to see if she can start college level classes or will have to take remedial classes. She has a GED that is why she has to do that.
I made lasagna yesterday for lunch. Not something I do very often. Maybe once every 3 years. It weighed about 10 pounds! Lots of cheese! I use 5 kinds of cheese in it. Not for the faint at heart!
Well got to go. Time for TaeKwonDo!


  1. My daughter makes wonderful lasagna.  Definately NOT diet food.

    I love goats, but Cliff can't put up with their antics, so I have promised him never to ask for another goat.

  2. He's a cutie! We need one here our lawnmower is broken!!  our yard looks like prairie grass.
    take it easy girl!
    ~ Julie~

  3. Yes, we had a goat a long time ago, a white one, and boy can they pull.  Glad you are feeling a lot better. xxxx

  4. Aww! He IS cute! Hope he makes a good lawnmower sub for you. LOL

  5. Now Celeste, if I start calling you an "old goat" you can't say much!! LOL  Man, that 5lb lasagna sounds potent. You wouldn't want to share your recipe, huh? If so, email is fine. rich

  6. Awwww, he is sooooooooo cute!
    I have always wanted a herd of goats! lol
    Always said if I ever win the lottery, I would buy me some land in the country and get me some! Compleyte with fence!!!)

  7. domesticatedchicMay 24, 2005 at 2:57 AM

    First of all .. Lasagna with lots of cheese ROCKS! Second of all.. I love the goat he is sooo sooo adorable.. I'm sure he will be a big help for the yard and will save ya money on running a mower! :) Mel

  8. 5 kinds of cheese?    does that include feta?

  9. Love the new addition to your family.  I'm sure trying to get him where you wanted was a huge strain on your back.

  10. Have fun with Patches.  I`m sure he`ll earn his keep by eating the grass, saving you the trouble mowing it!  Sandra xxx

  11. I like him! They dont say stubborn as a goat for nothing! Mine have learned a new trick if they dont wont to go with you they collapse on the groung while your pulling! LoL. I would have loved some lasagna. I hope you feel better.

  12. Great pics, I love goats.



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