Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yesterday evening we had a specticular display outside of Master Lee's studio. There were rainbows in the sky. That is correct. I said rainbows. A beauiful double arch graced us with its presence. Both arches could clearly be seen from end to end. The colors became increasing brighter and richer as I stood there watching. There is just something about seeing a rainbow that just brings peace to you. It was kind of odd though. Normally you see a rainbow after the storm, this was before the storm. As we left Tae Kwon Do last night lightning danced across the sky. Streaks with many fingers flashed all around us. Waves of water crashed down on us with each flash. Nature was showing me just a hint of her power. This morning she was showing me again how strong she is. There was a heavy fog with almost zero visibility. I could not see our driveway from my kitchen window. It is upposed to get to 85 today and bright sunshine. It is amazing the extremes of nature that can happen in just 24 hours.

Yesterday we got started on putting our pool up. We shoveled out a load of sand to go under it. We have the area level now the best we can this year. Today I may be setting up the pool. It will take a couple days for it to fill. I would like to put some more sand under it but that will have to wait until next year. I never knew just how much sand cost!

Time for me to get another cup of tea and get started on my day. Have a good hump day everyone!


  1. You remind me of me, I'm always skywatching and marveling at the wonders of Mother Nature.

    A POOL! I'm on my way...

  2. I love rainboows, too.  Enjoy the pool!  JAE

  3. A rainbow is a beautiful thing.  A true gift of nature.  :-)  Sandra xxx

  4. riverdaughter196May 11, 2005 at 12:34 PM

    Rainbows are special.  

  5. I love rainbows!
    Wow, it takes 2 days to fil up your pool???? Is it very hard to put up?
    I know Brook enjoys it! I know I would, even though I can not swim....I can wade! lol

  6. Rainbows are so pretty.  Say, when you get that pool up and filled let us know.  I'm sure I can find my bathing suit, LOL!  Sam

  7. OH I love rainbows!  They remind me of God's promises.  -  Barbara


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