Monday, May 2, 2005

It has begun

Has anybody noticed the new box that is now in journal entries when you read them? Does this mean that AOL is now archiving our journal entries so they cannot be lost? Did something good come out of the mess that has been going on?

Forgive me this week if I am not on as much. My Pat is on vacation this week and everybody knows how that goes! He hogs the computer!!!

Yesterday was a lovely day. A bit on the cool side with the wind blowing but lovely just the same. I am hoping to get outside and enjoy more of this good weather.

I got up this morning to a clear night. The new moon was shining bright. Strange how that small sliver of a moon can give off so much light. I opened the door to a variety of sensations. My skin felt the sharp coldness of the early morning air. In the distance was the gentle lowing of cattle. On the hill to my right was the sounds of a dog barking. Out in my field I heard the blow of one of our horses, followed by the bray of our visiting donkey. The aroma of horse poop and onions drifted on the early morning air. I heard the purr of Little Bit while she nursed her new born babies. The night sounds were slowing giving way to the sound of people. I heard a car go by out front and the hum of a plane flying overhead. Inside now, Peaches and Chip are fluttering in their cage. Chip is singing to greet the day. Susie is at my feet, winding herself around my legs, demanding her share of me. In the kitchen, I hear the sound of Bubba growling at the others, probably telling them to leave the food for him. My cup of tea is warming me up as I wait the time to get Brook up. My day has begun.

 This will be a good day to live.


  1. Yes, I have noticed the "new look". I could not access journals this morning so maybe they were doing it then.  Great entry as always Celeste xxxxx

  2. Lovely description of your morning.  Thanks!

  3. Beautiful description of a perfect morning!  :-)   Sandra xxx

  4. What a beautiful morning!  Thanks for sharing it with us!  JAE

  5. Good descriptive entry!  I like the entry and I like that feeling.

    And I tried the Archive link......I hadn't even notice.  Thanx for pointing it out!


  6. Oh, happy day!  What a lovely description - thank you for sharing your day with us!


  7. I felt just like I was there with you sipping on a cup of hot tea!!!  

  8. hestiahomeschoolMay 3, 2005 at 6:19 PM

    I loved your comment about the little Stevie Wonder bird. :-)  It was such a cute, sweet description...


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