Monday, May 16, 2005

My interview

I agreed to be interviewed by Dawn. If anyone wants to be interviewed by me just ask.
1. What do you believe is the single greatest thing you've learned about life?

That if you are always told you are nothing you will believe you are nothing unless you take steps and change what you were taught to believe.
2. What is the most significant thing you most would like to pass on to Brook?

3. How did you meet Pat and what first attracted you to him?

I met Pat thru a blind setup. Neither one of us knew that we were being set up to meet. It was in a bar/poolhall. The first thing I noticed about him was his arms. When he walked in the door, he had on a knit shirt that was tight around his arms. Um Um Um I had a vision of them holding me!
4. You seem to have quite a few pets, like I do, and usually people who get animals, like we do, know that there's always a special story attached to how they came to be a member of the family.  Do any of your pets have a special story like that?

Actually there are several. I think that I will tell about Sebastian. Sebastian is my oldest cat. I had a puppy that I thought needed a companion. So I went to the dog pound( yes that is what it was called). I was looking for a kitten because I knew that I did not want another dog ( I am not really a dog person). I had one cat already but he was a snob and would not have anything to do with a puppy. Anyway they said that they did not have anything except for one kitten that they were going to put down that evening. It was a tiny thing that was not old enough to be away from its mama. Someone had left it in a box outside the pound and when it was found it was almost dead. It was just a little skinny orange ball of fur. They thought that it was maybe 3 weeks old. I told them to just let me have him and they said ok. They did not make me pay a fee for him. He was so little! I took him straight to the vet. The vet said that he might not make it. That he was actually only about 2 weeks old. She gave him a shot of B12 and gave me some formula to feed him. She was going to give him an IV but because he was so dehydrated she could not hit a vein. I took him home and fed him and the puppy cuddled with him and kept licking him. Sebastian made it, the puppy did not. He got provo even though he did have his shots.
5. What is one thing you believe people would be surprised to know about you?
I never read a book twice. I cannot read something that I have read before. I do not like to read something when I already know how it ends. If I start reading something and I have read it before I will put it back down. And usually I know within the first couple pages if I have read it beforeeven if it has been 30 years since I read it. Yes I will read Brook her stories over and over again, but that is her reading not mine.


  1. Now THAT was an interesting interview!

  2. your welcome to interview me..
    Donna In TEXAS

  3. Great answers.  You an interview me if you'd like.  Anyway,thanks for answering the questions.  -Dawn-

  4. Good interview!  I feel on my way to knowing you.  Was it Dawn's questions or your answers?  Hum, I think both.  Excellent job ladies!  -Barbara

  5. Great questions and loved the answers too! Especailly the one about the little kitty! It is hard to raise them that young, so I know what an effort you had to put forth. Sorry about the puppy though...I lost a baby pekingnese to parvo, and it was awful.
    Take care,

  6. Good Interview !


  7. hestiahomeschoolMay 19, 2005 at 3:30 AM

    great answers....I just fed our two orphan kittens...I rearead lots of books...that is really interesting that you don't...


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